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7 or 8 this implantation?

hi there, advice needed pls, as I am still very new to all this.... I am now 7 or 8dpo and for the last few days had like a sharp stabbing sort of pain in my lower abdomen area. Now today, it has calmed down to a dull ache that is there nearly all the time. I have had backache and been fairly tired but do you think that could have been implantation? Im so confused..... xx

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Hey hunni, it definitely sounds like something is going on! I'm 8dpo today and have been havig a few symptoms too but am very worried its all in my head! I'm planning on testing on Friday - when are you going to test? Xx

5 years ago

Hi, thanks for replying - im glad im not alone :) Im not sure as ive never tested before but i was thinking in a few days? All of this morning and afternoon the ache seemed to have stopped but then just the last 2hrs it has come back but is mild and just 'there' if u know what i mean lol?....

What symptoms have you been having as I am worried its all in my head too? I hope not as Id love a baby but I dont wanna end up disapointed if I get my hopes up too much (this is only 2nd month trying).....

Good luck for your testing - fx u get a bfp :)


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