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feeling UP :)

hey ladies started a new post :)

update from me soz been busy wk
Lots of gd things been happening for a change
My DH should have work local atleast till the end of the year so thats alot of stress away for now
I had a appointment with the gynaecologist on wednesday there got few tests done, i am on 3 waiting lists 1 is for a HSG xray to check i have no blockages in my tubes (should get that within the next 3 months), the other 2 are long waiting lists one for IUI treatment and another for IVF but i was pleased with the doctor and feel like things will keep moving forward
Also on CD 38 atm but i refuse to test until friday which will be CD 43 coz a few months ago i had a 39 day cycle and got a so ill be patient fingers crossed

Hope everyone else is doing well

Baby dust all round x

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Fingers crossed for you Wilson. I will keep you in my prayers. Keep us posted.

I have good news. I got a on Friday!!!! I thought for sure we had missed it. I am excited, but I'm also scared to death that I am going to miscarry again. I'm going to call tomorrow to make an appointment. I'm trying not to get too excited yet just in case.

My boobs hurt and I am a little nauseous. I told my husband this morning and had the dogs help me. I got so excited telling him that I got clammy and nauseous telling him and had to strip down and wipe with a cold wet rag while sitting on the floor at the toilet. My clothes were soaked! We aren't telling anyone until everything checks out ok. If everything does, we might wait until the 1st trimester is over just in case. I'm trying to be excited, but I am just scared right now.

I will keep you posted!

How is everyone else doing?

5 years ago

mrsbaurs - OMG!!! YAY! I'm so excited for you!!! Congrats mama :)

AFM - The femara has been AMAZING compared to the clomid!!! Friday was cd12 and on Clomid, my follies only measure 8mm and 9mm usually. And only ONE of those follies grows enough... on Femara however, I have *2* follies at 13.9 and 15.6!!!!! I'm so excited... I really hope this is my month. I go in again tomorrow (cd15) and will probably trigger tomorrow! That's 4-5 DAYS before clomid grows my follies enough! So needless to say, I'm super pleased with Femera. :) PRAYING!

Me: 27 PCOS DH: 25 Fine and dandy November 2011 First round of 50mg Clomid. December 22 !!! January 1 2012 m/c @7 weeks - Clomid 50mg round #2 Feb 2012. 21 day progesterone level at a 3 !!! Another m/c at 5 weeks - Clomid 100mg April - June epic fail - July Femara/Ovidril It worked!!! - Sept - .... lost a genetically healthy baby boy

5 years ago

hi mrsbaurs, thanks im keeping my fingers crossed
OMG on getting a soo happy for you :) really hope this is ur time for a can understand why you are scared but also excited will be mixed emotions i will keep everything crossed for you

hey redshadoeo, pleased to hear your ferma is working out better than clomid for you and 2 follies are growing fingers crossed this is your month would b good hearing 2 people getting a and hopefully more

i have a family day planned out for today meeting my sister in law to take her kids to the swimming so hoping this is a quick week and no

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Thanks for starting the new thread Wilson! Also glad that your week went well! It is really nice when things go your way for a change!

So excited for you mrsbaurs! You must have been over the moon when you saw those two lines! I know I would have been! STICK BABY STICK! I am also really happy to see someone on here get that BFP! We need more BFPs!!! KEEP EM COMING!

redshadoe0 I was the same way with femara. It was nice to actually know it was working as it was supposed to! Keep us posted and good luck in the next week!

AFM just waiting on AF again... Haha we never play that waiting game do we! My temps have been going up like normal and my temps this month have been like those months I was on clomid or femera. SO again ncie to see my body may know how to do this!

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5 years ago

Thanks ladies. I am excited, but really scared and nervous. I called and made my first appt for August 6th.

I'm trying to stay calm, but am scared that I will miscarry again. We aren't telling anyone until we get the all clear. My dad's and husband's birthdays are September 17th so we are planning on telling everyone then if it sticks! It is going to be hard considering we are going to the beach next week with the family for a whole week!

I will keep you posted and y'all do the same.

Dolphin- Glad your body seems to be doing what it is supposed to!

Red-Sounds promising!

for you ladies!

5 years ago

Congratulations mrsbaurs!!! Got my fingers crossed for you that all goes well - stick little bean!!!

What a great way to start the new thread - with a !!!

Seems the new title 'Feeling UP' was a good choice. Here's to hoping the rest of us will get our bfp soon too!

Got my fingers crossed for everyone else too. Seems like better things are happening this month for everyone so hope that results in BFPs for everyone!!

5 years ago

OMG mrsbaurs!!! Congratulations!!

As for me, I am just waiting but, also taking a break from fertility treatments until March. It just was getting too expansive so, we are going natural for a while. Just going to enjoy the summer, fall and holidays.

I think it is a great idea to switch forum names.

Baby dust to all!!

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5 years ago

Thanks ladies! Like I said, I am excited but I am more scared and nervous. I will feel better after we go to the doc. I'm trying not to stress about it. Going to the beach Saturday for a week and hope my mom and sis don't notice anything different ( like that my boobs are bigger). We aren't telling anyone yet so I hope my cover doesn't get blown!

Good luck to everyone else.

Mel-I actually thought we missed it this month. I ovulated earlier than I expected to and we had not BD in like 3 days. I had called the doc and got the Clomid process started. We were just waiting on so I could go get the Clomid. Good luck and just relax! That is what everyone keeps telling me. Haha. I always remind them that relaxing is easier said then done when you want something so bad.

5 years ago

Okay, back from the infertility specialist! CD15 and *2* follies are READY!!! SO! I got to trigger just now!!! Let the baby dancing START!! I'm pretty excited this month actually... *sigh* We'll see how it all goes!

Me: 27 PCOS DH: 25 Fine and dandy November 2011 First round of 50mg Clomid. December 22 !!! January 1 2012 m/c @7 weeks - Clomid 50mg round #2 Feb 2012. 21 day progesterone level at a 3 !!! Another m/c at 5 weeks - Clomid 100mg April - June epic fail - July Femara/Ovidril It worked!!! - Sept - .... lost a genetically healthy baby boy

5 years ago

hey dolphin1204, no probs hoping with the good start to this thread we will all start getting some good news and yep been a nice change getting a good week and hearing such good news on the start of the thread

Thats good your body seems to be doing everything it should be , im the same as you im officially on CD39 so i have but still waiting till friday to buy any tests

Hey mrsbaurs, can understand why you will be scared but we will all keep our fingers crossed for you and hopefully time flies in till your appointment on 6th August hopefully your beach holiday will help you relax and nobody notices anything i know it will be easier said than done to relax, good idea for telling everyone in september on your dad and husbands bday

Hey KLS2010, I know good start to the thread and we all get soon

Hey mela0054, hopefully taking a break from fertility treatments and trying natural will help you relax for a little while and hopefully u can get a soon too

Hey redshadoe, great news your follies are ready

AFM , good start to the week had a day out with my sister in law 2 of her boys and my stepson we went bowling then swimming what a good laugh was tiring day but good fun and took my mind of the waiting game, another busy day today going out a long walk with my mum and her dogs

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