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4 weeks and exhausted

hi ladies. Not moaning as im only 4 weeks....but is anyone else so exhaussted they could sleep ALL day...I have very few symptoms but this one is on leave from work at the moment so using it to relax but all i wanna do is sleep. cant even bare the thought of housework xxxxxxxxx any cant have cofffee, cafine...........


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Listen to your body and rest. Housework can wait until the 2nd trimester when you feel better!

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7 years ago

I agree with pp. I went through this too (still am to a certain extent!), and the best thing is to obey your body and sleep when you feel like you need it. Your body is going through a LOT of things right now and needs rest to deal with it! Just think about it as your body putting you into a gentle anesthesia so it can get its work done!

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7 years ago

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