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Progesterone- Really need advice ASAP!

Hey Ladies!

My name is Lauren and I need advice. I've had 2 MC, one at 11 weeks and one at 6! Both babies died around 6 weeks, not even sure the heart ever started beating, because I never got to see it :/
I'm still trying for my first baby.. I want to be a mom so bad!

Anyway, my doctor prescribed me progesterone 2X a day oral tablets and told me to take them as soon as I got my BFP!

Since my 2nd MC my cycles have gone from 31, 38 to 28. Before they were ALWAYS 31. (So i think it was taking some time to level out!)

Anyway, I know we all symptom hunt and are dying for our BFP... but I really think I am pregnant this cycle. I am having the exact same things happen to me the 1st time I was pregnant. My breasts literally grew a size over night.. my husband was amazed. They are sore by my armpits. I've been getting really bad tension headaches, and i'm exhausted and DIZZY to the extreme! Last night I had this CRAZY painful back ache that just wouldn't go away...

ANYWAY... I've always had very light periods and i've never been one to get a ton of PMS symptoms. Usually the day before my period I get emotional and cranky.. that's just about it.

So needless to say I have a GUT feeling that I am prego and these aren't PMS symptoms...

With my last MC I had symptoms just like this for only about 1 week... and then I remember specifically waking up and my boobs weren't as big or sore anymore.. symptoms started to disappear.

I woke up this morning and my boobs still hurt, but they aren't as big... and maybe i'm just freaking myself out, but I want to start taking my progesterone NOW.. instead of wait 5 days- ISH for a BFP!

I've read progesterone can stop you from O'ing.. but I used OPK's and am pretty dang sure i've already O'd... and i'm pretty dang sure in my heart that i'm prego and not makin it up in my mind.

ANYWAY.. what would you guys do? If i've already o'd and say I WAS prego... starting progesterone couldn't hurt me and would HELP my baby.

IF i am crazy and turns out i haven't O'd (which that would be crazy cause i know i have) and i'm not pregnant.. all that will happen is my period will come and i'll be out this month... right?!

Did anyone follow their heart and gut and start taking progesterone sooner than told too and end up with a healthy baby?
I just feel like doctors are sometimes hard to get ahold of and it's sunday anyway, I couldn't call him if I wanted too!!!

I need stories and advice PLEASE!!!!!

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i have had three miscarriages in a year. No explanation except this last time I was tested and my progesterone was very low. So here two cycles later, we hit my ovulation day perfect day of and day after. I was also taking clomid. I called my Dr because I have a gut feeling like you, and asked if it would be beneficial for me to take progesterone now before I even test and they said yes. So I am using inserts for now but will go on daily injections tomorrow. I am crossing my fingers that I will be pregnant and also that I will carry it. I am also taking a baby aspirin a day in case I have a clotting problem as I had read this is another cause for women my age-44.

Good luck to you and please post results as this type of miscarriage is more common then we think.

Best wishes to all Just say no to

5 years ago

I've had three chemical pregnancies in a row. The dr prescribed progesterone and told me to start taking it as soon as I ovulate. I would take it.

5 years ago

I've had 2 preterm babies (inexplicable at the time), 1 miscarriage at 8 weeks (baby measured 6w5d) and now a chemical pregnancy. We had tests run after the MC and found the baby was chromosomally fine. I was so mad at myself for not calling the minute I found out we were pregnant to go on progesterone. To confirm my hunch, I had my progesterone tested. It was very low. Doc started me taking it all the way through my cycles (I still ovulated and got AF like clockwork- except one wacky cycle when I was stressing over TTC). We were very hopeful when we got a BFP this past Monday. However, I was skeptical because all my other pregnancies gave me a BFP 5-6 days early. This one was faint, on the day AF was due. I'm not writing this to discourage, rather set my own mind and anyone else's at ease. We are very confident we lost this one due to genetic abnormalities more than anything else. I'll know more this afternoon. Ironically, I had my progesterone tested a couple hours before getting my BFP. Im expecting the numbers to be fine and get on with this knowing it wasn't meant to be this time. While the OP is A week old now, I would still answer that yes, you should be taking the progesterone once you have even ovulated- it can't hurt, only help. When you find out you're pregnant, call your doc and have your dosage increased. My OB doubled my dose Monday... I hope my story helps. Good luck! :)

** My progesterone this cycle was tripled from what it was after the MC. We are confident there was something just not right with this little angel. In fact, my doc said had I not been on the progesterone, AF would have come calling right on the day she was due. my numbers regarding the pregnancy all reflected a demise pretty much the breath it started... I hope this is actually encouraging to you. I know many are concerned taking progesterone will "hang on" to a pregnancy that wasn't meant to be. I feel this is proof you ultimately cannot outsmart Mother Nature~

5 years ago

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