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Am I'm going mad!?!

I can't help but think I'm getting every symtom and sign that I've I've been reading about. I've been poking around my nipple area to see if they are senitive but nothing. Today I've got a metallic taste in my mouth and was qute worried this morning after brushing my teeth, spat out yellow (hmmmm) and my pee smells.

I've been getting bloated, slight back pains, cramps and pains before my breast bone but could be ovulation pains but can't be sure as my first two cycles since I came off the pill were 28 days, after that my cycles have been longer, also unsure I can predict my Ovulation day cause of this.

This is my week window of opportunity, not going to bother testing as I think it'd be a waste of time and money. Surely if I consider my different cycles and just calculate this into days I might be fertile that might work. We'll see.

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Hi koosh1980

Hehe you made smile Think us ladies are so desperate to get pregnant we try our best to find a symptom. What are we like? Men have it so easy!!

This is our 4th time ttc after a MC. I have only just started using opk this cycle. I started using them when I was on CD8. On CD11 I got a Smiley Face. We BD last night just in case, and maybe tonight if Im not too tired. My dates told me I would O on CD15, strange really! So maybe I am getting my dates wrong :( We will just have to see!

So I am on CD12, long time to wait! What CD are you on?


5 years ago

I know, isn't it a nightmare!!!! I'm glad I made you laugh, got to find something positive about this. I'm glad you replied as it's hard to talk to friends about this and they are probably sick of me moaning about my 'ghost' symptoms.

Ok, you have to help me...I'm bad with these abbreviations. I know what TTC, CD and O mean and that's about it....what's MC (mis-carriage??) and BD??

I've not bothered with an OPK this cycle as I didn't really know when to test so I just used the Ov. calculator for a 28 and 32 day cycle and just covered all days by (BD, I'm guessing that's ' ' LOL). Apparently best fertile day for me was CD13. Our window is over now which I think my husband is quite happy with as I think he was starting to think it was a bit of a was quite funny. I'm on CD16.

Is this your TTC #1?

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Hi Koosh,

Yeah I know what you mean, I don't really like talking to my friends about it cos I feel sort of stupid! I like coming on to this site, cos everyone is in the same boat!

I'm using my IPad at the moment to type and it's bloody hard work, keep making spelling mistakes and it's taking me ages to write something!

The abbreviations for TTC, MC and others are shown on the right hand side of this web page I didn't have a clue either want they were, hehe x

I have a 11 year old with my previous relationship. We have a 6 year old with my husband to be, and now we are TTC again as he wants another! I'm 34 too, so getting a bit old!

So your CD16, when are you going to test? I hope it is your month for you


5 years ago

Morning Koosh,

Im really sorry, I have been soooo busy!

I hope your OK today? I did read your message in my inbox, and can't believe you will be testing in FIVE days and do you think you will cave in and test early?

You have been really tired, which is a good chance you are pregnant!! I am not sure about the sharp pain your getting above your base line on your spine!

So yeah, the kids had Transition day at school, School play's going on. Suppose to be Sports Day today, but this has been called off, as its absolutely throwing it down - i am from the UK by the way x

As i have been so busy with work and kids, I have not had time to think about my symptoms. I was really tired last night, not sure if this is a symptom or because i have been very busy...we will have to see.

It is sooo nice to have a Buddy, and you seem really nice too!


5 years ago

Hi Rach

No worries, I didn't mean to bother you, just thought maybe you'd had some changes!! I feel bad as I can't reallyl help you and feel like our chats are all one sided...this is all new to me and am clueless!

I'm okay today. I thought maybe I was getting some changes in my breasts today...can they swell in the morning and then deflate by the evening??? LOL, I think I'm just imagining it. I feel like a turd!!!...and as for the being really tired, I think it could just be I was busy at work, with it being so humid it exhausted me as fine today.

You seem really nice and friendly don't feel stupid talking to you, I'm really enjoying talking to you too. Where about in the UK are you from? What do you do (work wise), if you don't mind me asking (send me msg with answers).

I don't know about the testing subject, kind of don't want to set myself up for a bit let down with a BFN (getting this jargon stuff) as have done in the past.

Koosh x

5 years ago • Post starter

im in same boat.dont want my mind playing tricks on me lol. i have been super lazy,tired,crampy,moody,but i have not one urge to eat.i have been thirsty but not hungry.eating makes me sick to stomach. i can only eat very little at a time.if i eat normally my stomach will hurt.i just hope its not all in my head.:(

5 years ago

oh iv even lost ten pounds in just this week.yay but boo at same time lol. i have two boys 5 and 7 they were not planed so i never thought to look for signs with them.ahhh planing is mucho stressfull : ) glad to know im not the only one reading about others going thru same thing.this is my first 5 min on this site lol

5 years ago

Hi Ambrlynn

Looking back do you think you had any of the same symptoms with your other two pregnancies?? Planning is very stressful and don't know if my symptoms are real or just imagining them just cause I want the changes to happen. What CD and DPO are you on??


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haha found it!! your more than welcome to inbox me still if thats easier. i am on day seven of PO.cant remeber a darn thing i was two months with both before i knew. with my oldest i did get sick but after positive test,it lasted four rough months.with my youngest i got sick here an there but nothing like with my oldest.i was also only 16 with my first

5 years ago

but i am same way i want to be preggers so bad im affraid ill start having false signs

5 years ago

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