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Tender Cervix? Blood after checking CP?

Hello, this is my 3rd month TTC and I'm new to this website. I am currently on CD 32 of a recently irregular, but average 32 day cycle. I haven't bought a BBT so I have not began tracking O, but I BD'd CD 17-22 when I had EWCM. I cannot test yet as I live 30 miles from the nearest pharmacy, but today as I was checking my CP my cervix was very sore, and when I was done I noticed some streaked blood in my CM. There were a few times I wiped and it was pink/red, and after that nothing. This is the second time this has happened this cycle. Any thoughts.

-STD/infection free as per doctor!

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Hello sounds promising I had the sane thing this cycle at 11/12 dpo and this happened with my son whose almost 2 now so you should test soon! Baby dust!

5 years ago

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