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Bad sinus cold & fever & 5 weeks pregnant...should I

Hello laides,

I just wanted to have your advise. I am about 5 weeks preggers and I am pretty worried because for the past 2-3 days I had mild fever with a pretty bad sinus cold...super congested, caughing, extremely runny nose (clear, not yello or green - sorry if tmi), head ache...etc, and of course I started reading about this on the internet, and many websites women talk about fever and miscarriage... so it got me really worried now!!! I am trying to stay positive, but still...since you girls are always helpful, I thought I could ask here what you think!

I am already drinking plenty of juice and water, I am taking Tylenol Extra Strength...about 1 every 4 hours so about 6 a day...I use Hydrasense (saline water) and Vaporub...etc etc etc...

Did any of you get sick during the first weeks of pregnancy???

Thanks in advance!!!

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I would stay away from the vapo rub... You don't want to inhale anything like that so early on... I could totally be wrong, just my opinion.

Eat lots of chicken soup and continue to drink lots of H2O.

Call your Doc as well and let them know especially if you have a temp. You can never be too careful.

I hope you feel better my love

7 years ago

My doc told me vaporub was ok when I was preg with ds, but he is turing ten in a couple months, so things could have changed since then. Lots of water, citrus fruits and chicken noodle soup girlie. Are you taking prenatal vitamins? Those will help some too. The saline nose spray is good, but keep in mind, saline is salt and it does pull water out of your cells. That in the combination with the fever means you should double your intake of water if you can tolerate it. Try a cool bath to bring the fever down. Liquid Tylenol for adults is fantastic and works much better than the pills in my experience.


7 years ago

Hello ladies,

Waw, thanks so much for your help!
I took a colder shower today and it did help a bit!

Hmmm, I didn't think about the saline water, you are right Corvina! I drink as much as I can...much more than usual...of course! I am not really hungry these days...especially now with the bad cold!

I am taking Prenatal vitamins at least once a day...yesterday I was so disgusted by food that I took a vitamin at night too, just to make sure that I get enough vitamins!

I will call my ob tomorrow, but I am sure they will just say to keep on drinking lots of water and to take tylenol.

I hope everything will be fine! When I started reading about all the mc due to fever (or that was what they thought caused it), it really scared me...

Thanks again ladies, I'll keep you posted once I feel better!!! Tomorrow I am taknig the day off...


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Morning ladies, so this morning woke up without fever... So yaaayyyy, but because i am such a poas addict, i took a hpt ( one of those internet cheapies that is supposed to be 10 miu) and it came out bfp but the line is not any darker, in fact it is a little lighter. Should i worry??? Does this mean anything bad? Is this related to me being sick?

I only have a dr appointment on March 14... It seems so faaaarr...

What do you think???
Thank you ladies!!!!

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Hey Happy

pregnancy week by week

7 years ago

Hey Happy

Sorry hadn't quite finished my post there .

Don't worry about how dark the strip was, especially the cheaper ones. Even now I still like to do a wee test and although a this stage the line is dark the depth of colour varies between tests.

I am so glad your fever has lifted. What I try to remind myself whenever I am having stressy moments about whether or not everything is going ok, is that our little ones are very resilient. If they are meant to stay there they will - no matter what.

Can you get your doc to give you a quick call just to get any issues off your mind? I have done that a few times and it really helps.

In the meantime try not to worry (easier said than done I know).

You are in my thoughts - this is a difficult time but time flies :-).


pregnancy week by week

7 years ago

Hello Lemons,
Thank you once again for your encouragements and support!!! I feel much better today, and i did a FRER with SMU and it was darker than the cheepo test... So i'll stop worrying, i promise!!! :) You are right though, if this is how it is supposed to happen, no matter what, the peanut will be safe!!!

thanks again!!

How are you feeling??? Did u already have your dr appointment??
Hugs and kisses lovely lady!!!

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Hi there hun, I had a very bad cold with all the same symptoms as you at about 10/11 weeks.

I really wouldn't worry, its just because in the first trimester the baby is developing everything from scratch and uses up all your goodness, so you are suseptable to illness. My cold last about 2 weeks with fever and headaches and coughing and sneezing non stop.

The pharmacist told me not to use VapourRub but that Olbas Oil is better and not to enhale it directly but to put it in a cup of steaming water and leave it in the room you were in.- this helped and I soon knew when I got my smell back as my house stunk of olbas oil lol !

I really wouldnt worry, if it was just very high tempreature then it 'might' be reason to raise alarm but the fact you got the cold symptoms too- i wouldnt worry.

After all, stress is more dangerous !!! so dont get stressed :)

all the best !!

7 years ago

Hello EmmaDue17thAug,

Thank you so much for your reply and encouragements! Unfortunately my story is a little different! I did end up miscarrying on Feb. ER doctor told me that it could have been the bad influenza flu that I caught right around implantation, but it could also be just a common issue which is the baby did not develop properly and this is why my body rejected it...

I was really down the first week after the natural mc...but we are back in the game now, trying to get pregnant again! I hope that it will happen soon and that this time around it will be a healthy baby!!!

The doctor said that we should wait a cycle in order to be able to calculate the due date easily, but we won't...I really want to have our second baby and I am not going to wait since it was a very early miscarriage and it was all natural...I hope I won't regret it...

So this is my story, I am now waiting to ovulate...CD 10 today from the day I started bleeding...

Thank you again for your kind response!!! Hope your pregnancy goes well and wish you the healthiest baby ever!!! :-)

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Hi! Don't worry too much about the darkness of the test! I am a POAS addict and I was driving myself crazy too, until I realized that I had doubled (at least!) my water intake and so it was diluting the tests!! Even your first morning pee can be extremely diluted form the night before's fluid.
I'll be praying for you either way! Hope your cold goes away!!

7 years ago

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