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why am i tormenting myself!

Hi all, I'm 8dpo and again I've started the poas malarky WHY! Bfn again this morning it makes me so miserable, I'm so bloated I'm convinced I'm pregnant but my hpt say no

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Yes I am actually the same, we just can't help ourselves and want to know ASAP! I have just tested at 10DPO and a BFN ! I am gonna test again in a couple of days!

to you xxx

5 years ago

Maybe you tested too early! Keep the faith and God will answer your prayers in His perfect timing!

Blessings and baby dust!

"Whatever is to be, must be" - Bob Marley

5 years ago

I'm the same way. I can't seem to stop obsessing over it!

Tested every day since Friday (even though I know I shouldn't) and all were BFN.

I FEEL pregnant. I feel just like I did with my son. Why won't the HPT confirm what I am feeling?!

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5 years ago

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