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Anyone CD34 and BFN?

Currently CD34 based on my period/fertility app... missed my period by 6 days now, took a pregnancy test today (Clear Blue Digital) and it came back "Not Pregnant." Don't know how much longer I can wait... I don't track my ovulation as I wasn't planning on conceiving, so I know stress can't be apart of the delay in regards to my period. Also been having watery cm, sensitive nipples, fatigue, bloating, etc. Did anyone get their BFP at a later CD or DPO?

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It’s so rough waiting !
We have been trying for a while .
It’s like the body likes to mess with us or something
I’m CD31 today
I’m usually 29-30 days sometimes 32
Yea he waiting is deadly
I had light spotting CD24 too
Good luck girl!

5 months ago

@Fytfreak11 sorry to hear! to us both... hopefully we get our BFP soon enough!

5 months ago • Post starter

Thank you so much @Boba23 ! I hope we get our BFP soon !

5 months ago

I'm on CD34 and 6 days late as well. I have irregular cycles after the birth of my son a year ago. I had very sharp stabbing/achy pains in both ovaries Thursday night and into Friday and my husband and I dtd Friday afternoon. Not sure when I officially ovulated as I am not testing with OPKs. At lunch today, I did a cervix check and looks like I am spotting red a tiny bit so I am thinking that I am out as I never had implantation bleeding before with my other three pregnancies. I also don't have the heavy cervix feeling like I normally do with my other periods; just a dull ache. No other pregnancy symptoms as I am still breastfeeding but noticed my breasts gets engorged a few times a day even though I breastfeed only at night. I expect full force by morning. Will update the outcome in the morning.

Update: period officially here. Sending sticky vibes your way and hope you both get your BFPs soon.

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5 months ago • Edited

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