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Mental Breakdown

Tonight I sufferered a tremendous mental anxiety breakdown in front of my husband. Little background. I suffer from anxiety/depression. I may have also have an undiagnos borderline personality disorder and overthink everything. Now my husband and I dtd on Friday and he didn't pull out. My cycles are all over the place and I'm not tracking anything as we aren't trying as we have three already and four is too much. I have no idea where I am at this cycle as I had ewcm the last two days with horrible ovary pain on thursday. I'm very worried and scared that I might be pregnant. Am I overthinking and getting myself all worked up for nothing? I blame myself for not telling him to pull out. Any words of wisdom to help me through until my period comes. Last month period was 9 days late. Sorry, I just need to get this out.

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Hi. I'm so sorry you're going through this, I know how you feel about having anxiety. I hope you're feeling better today. Have you spoken to your doctor, my doctor put me on Sertraline and it helped so much, they calmed my mind and stopped the whirlwind of racing overthinking thoughts. I'd say as far as pregnancy goes, you should be okay, if you think you might be pregnant and really don't want a 4th, you could always get the morning after pill, but you would need to get it today. I wish you the best.

5 months ago

Hi Dragonfly,
Anxiety is a horrible thing. What’s done is done as the saying goes…. It is unlikely you are pregnant even with all the symptoms you mentioned. I know full well from TTC. My fingers are crossed for you that you get the outcome you want. X


4 months ago

Hi dragonfly23
I remember you from when we both had baby number 3. I feel your pain as a similar situation has happened to me too. Hope it works out of you. I wish I had words of wisdom but I'm struggling myself to think of anything. No matter what, things will work out xx

4 months ago

Girl, I also suffer from anxiety and depression. You can message me any time you need to vent.

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4 months ago

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