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First Postpartum TWW

Hello to any old TTC friends reading this!

Well, I was supposed to be investigating fertility issues (possible PCOS and/or Endo causing horrific ovulation pain) before we tried to TTC, but we decided to just NTNP instead of TTA and put it in God's hands, since I only have so long before other chronic health problems would make having babies too physically taxing.... And here I am at 11dpo (based on horrible O symptoms. I was not charting so I don't have anything to verify.) The pain was so bad that I joked that I hope I get pregnant on this first cycle because I don't want to endure another ovulation again. We shall see! BFN at 8 and 10 dpo, will get a frer and test tomorrow at 12 dpo. I'm nervous, because my track record is not great. I've lost one before both my boys, so it feels like I'm bound to lose this one if I am pregnant. :( This time though I have been taking the methylfolate for months beforehand, so perhaps that will make a difference? (I have a MTHFR gene mutation which makes the normal folate I used to take useless for me.) I'm also still breastfeeding my youngest, who isn't quite a year old yet - I've heard that BF can make symptoms different in the tww... Anyway, that's my rambley fertility update for ya. God Bless and good luck to everyone TTC!

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Yes, I'm still here! Been trying again almost 4 years for a second baby. Not giving up yet. Possibly looking into ivf in the early summer. They say I have low amh and may not respond well, but we have to give it a try.


1 year ago

I'm glad you're not giving up. There's got to be something!! As for me, I think I'm out this month. I tested today with a frer and got a negative - I'm sure I'm 12 dpo today, and I usually test positive by now. I'm beginning to wonder if I really did ovulate? The symptoms were unmistakable, but maybe it wasn't right somehow? Anything goes when you're cycle is just trying to get going again after a baby though.

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And I'm out officially. AF arrived today.

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