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Can the amount of pee on a test affect the result?

I did a pregnancy test (first response 6 days early) yesterday and I usually catch the wee and dip the test because I’m a bad shot. However, I didn’t yesterday and barely caught the last drop of wee on there and instead of taking about 20 seconds to soak up and fill the window it took a little over a minute. It got there in the end and completely filled the window but gave a fairly visible (what I think looks like a) positive line. But I took two more tests today by catching and dipping for the right amount of time and there’s a very VERY faint line, maybe an indent? Just nowhere near as dark as yesterday. So my question would be could the smaller amount of wee have done something weird to produce a darker line than todays tests? Sorry for the ramble, just a bit nervous as I’m 41 and have a 2 and 3 year old lol!! Lawd help me!!

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Have you tried to dip the test into the wee? I always worry for the same reason of not catching the wee so I always dip my test.

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Maybe your wee was more condensed the first time?
I have been having trouble with getting very faint positives with the frer test. My recommendation is to carefully check the test before you take it to see if you have any indents or lines to keep in mind. I noticed a very light shadow before I took the test and it did look positive after. My period still came. This pic looks positive.
I am 41 also! I have 5 kids, 17-15-14-12 and 7 months. My husband are trying for one more so that the youngest will have someone to grow up with. Good luck!

9 months ago

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