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I've been using this website for years now, since 2014. I've always found that the estimated ovulation date is completely different from the results that the website calculator provides. The websites estimates my ovulation to be on day 23 of my 26 day cycle. I've taken opk test around day 12-14 and received positive results. Is there a way to make changes to these dates estimated by the website?

The option to override ovulation date is only a temporary fix.

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Go to calendar & analysis. Scroll down until you see a button that says "over ride ovulation". Hope this helps.

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2 years ago

Don't ever use a site to predict your ovulation,just stick to opks.

2 years ago • Edited

Thanks for the response @dragonfly23 i always use the override option, just was wondering what was up with the website itself. Its like the programming code for calculations is totally off.

@Sarah3182 i do not solely rely on this website to determine my ovulation date. however i do expect for the information that i input to be calculated correctly.

So was just curious to know if anyone else has this issue with the site? Shoud enter my cycle dates all over again and then maybe it will be corrected?

Basically this site is saying i ovulate on day 23 and 3 days later my period arrives. This is incorrect and it doesnt change no matter how many periods i record.

thanks again for your responses.

2 years ago • Post starter

hi, there!

i, too, have the same issue. the website calculates my ovulation at day 17 and says my luteal phase is only 11 days (or something like that). i know i always ovulate on cd 14 like clockwork (i can feel it, and some months i’m also tracking with opks and they confirm ovulation). i always have to use the override, as well. it’s kind of frustrating, as my luteal phase never gets corrected. the site is still saying my period is due earlier than normal every month.

2 years ago

it depends how good and accurate the website is. I have tested a few apps, and I personally liked iyoni app the best, also cos the app has been created by fertility specialists. Check out reviews of the website you are using and who created it.

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1 year ago

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