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Painful ovulation

Does anyone else suffer from painful ovulation? I'm not talking period like cramps, I mean absolute agony! This doesn't happen every month, it's very sporadic, sometimes a few months in a row then it can go for a long time and back again the next month. It starts as period cramps would in my lower back and hips but progressively gets more and more intense to the point that I can even feel this deep seated splitting pain in my rectum, feels like I'm being torn apart, I can't lie down, can't sit, can't stand straight, nothing until it's passed which can take anywhere from a few minutes to hours. I suffered in silence for years after visiting a doctor about the pain and being told it was ovulation and thinking the doctor was batty because there was no chance ovulation could possibly hurt this much. I've even been taken to a&e for the pain before it's that bad, I'd even liken the pain level to midstage labour. It's only as I've gotten older and paid more attention to my cycles that I've accepted that's what it is, OPK showed I peaked yesterday and as I'm currently in massive amounts of pain, unable to sleep and praying for pain killers to kick in I thought I'd jump on here in the hope that I'm not the only one and could get a little moral support. Is ovulation this painful a bad thing when TTC? Is this month going to be a write off, is it a good thing? Or does it mean nothing at all?

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I suffer painful ovulation due to previous cesarean. Mine comes the same time every month. I wouldn't have thought it would matter when ttc as I am due my second in a few weeks

7 weeks ago

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