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Lonely journey after failed tubal

I had a tubal ligation in 2009. I have had a few positives, usually very light. I went and saw my doctor about ut who told me to ignore any positive results. I've posted about this year's ago. I am back on here because I feel very alone.

I have insanely sore breasts. Pai full enough that it wakes me up. I have a very sensitive nose (I usually have no sense of smell). I am exhausted in a way that I feel I couldn't ever get enough sleep.

I feel lost. I just get a positive test and then I bleed heavily and painfully. I'm tired of this happening. It makes me feel depressed. I would have never had a tubal had I known this would happen.

I am wondering if there is anybody out there with a similar experience and maybe anybody who has had a good end to this sort of situation?

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I wish I had some good advice for you. Hang in there! Glad you came back to CDTP. It does help to have a good community going through similar issues-that is a safe place to talk. Any friends or family that would understand? Sending you healthy vibes. It must to so tough to feel that let down every month. X


2 years ago

Currently going through the same thing and cannot afford tubal reversal. I am very certain that I have had one miscarriage around 9-10 weeks and multiple chemical pregnancies. My husband has no children of his own and I keep getting positives and then bleeding heavily for 10-14 days. I feel like I am failing him. I regret tubal ligation so much.

1 year ago

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