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This cycle feels different. Advice / thoughts please! (Possible tmi included)

My husband and I have been ttc for nearly 8 months now. Up until now, I haven’t noticed a lot of cm during any part of my cycle. Usually after ovulation I’m pretty bone dry up until af comes. And my cervix is usually fairly firm. This cycle however it’s different.

Up until 7dpo my cervix has been high and soft, and I had an increase in thick white cm. Not stretchy or egg white like. Kind of tacky if that makes sense. Sort of like whipped egg whites with soft peaks.
At 8dpo my cervix dropped and got hard.
Now at 9dpo it’s higher again, and it doesn’t feel as hard, but it’s not super soft either. And I have thin watery white cm. Not enough to come out, but enough to be on my finger after a cervical check. It’s sort of milky watery and not as thick as lotion but not super watery thin either. It’s slippery, sort of like a water based lube is the best way I can describe it.
And since 8dpo my vaginal walls have felt sort of swollen slightly.

In the past he has always been able to tell when my period is coming, though I never paid much attention to how many days before he’s noticed it. But according to him, before I start my period I tend to feel gritty in a sense when we are intimate, not in a bad way, as he says, but the texture is different. And I’m 6 days away from when I’m supposed to start and he says I don’t feel that way.
My husband has this 6th sense sort of. He was spot on with our youngest son, and other pregnancies aswell but he was able to literally feel my pelvic area, right above my pubic bone and was able to tell me I was pregnant with our son before I was even able to get a BFP. He swears I’m not pregnant.

I thought I was for a minute, but I’m starting to loose hope. Part of me knows his method could easily be wrong. The uterus isn’t supposed to be above the pubic bone until 10 weeks I think. So he could very well be wrong and just got lucky the other times.
But with my cervix getting firm again, and having no other real symptoms besides fatigue I just don’t feel hopeful at all. With my last, my biggest symptom was just how bad my boobs hurt (and I slightly feel like they feel bigger but he disagrees) and they don’t hurt now. I’ve had a few times where they felt tingly and cringe like but no pain. And I had what felt to me like ovulation cramps yesterday.

And just to add, I’m saying 9dpo based off my period tracker app. I have not taken ovulation tests or anything else to confirm when or even if I ovulated.

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