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After 10 years of trying and 10's of thousands of dollars, Prednisolone was it

Hi -

I have never written one of these before nor do I know if I'm doing it correctly or if there are rules but I felt like I needed to share my story.

I am 40 years old and the last time I got pregnant naturally was 10 years ago. I ended up terminating the pregnancy as it was far from an ideal time in my life and I knew I would not be able to handle a child at the time. Fast forward 4 years later, I was engaged and we were trying to conceive. We tried naturally and never once got pregnant. We finally visited a fertility clinic on Park Ave, supposedly one of the best in NY. The doctor suggested we first try IUI and, if that didn't work, we could move on to IVF. We did IUI several times and NOTHING.

We then moved on to IVF and went through the egg retrieval cycle and came out with ~15 viable embryos (my eggs were good!). We did a fresh transfer but it didn't stick. We did two more transfers after that and they both resulted in BFP but both ended up in miscarriages. Soon after that our engagement ended as did our journey to get pregnant.

By way of background, I would generally consider myself a healthy person but in my 30's I started developing allergies to a number of things, pollen being the most intense. By the time my late 30's rolled around springtime was almost insufferable. I got weekly shots for 6 months to build up a tolerance to pollen and it never worked. I was just as allergic 6 months into treatment as I was the day of the first shot. In addition to my allergies I had developed IBS, eczema, underactive thyroid, etc. I knew I had autoimmune issues but it was nothing I couldn't handle and my issues came and went.

Now back to my pregnancy journey....

About a year after my engagement ended I started dating someone. We have been together for 3 years now and have never once practiced safe sex and never once did I get pregnant. I finally called my doctor a month ago after reading a story online about how prednisone can be useful for some women with autoimmune issues. I asked him if he could write me a prescription for low dose prednisone so I could see if maybe this would help me. His response was "Absolutely not. I don't think that's what your issue is." I felt pretty defeated and we ended the call. Then I found a website online where you can request certain medications and someone will review your request and, if warranted, write you a prescription. Given my allergy issues I was able to obtain a prescription of Millipred 5mg. I started taking 5mg in the morning and 5mg in the evening starting two days before ovulation. I continued every day for two weeks. Don't you know after 10 years of infertility issues and 10's of thousands of dollars a $20 prescription got me pregnant.

I'm only 5 weeks pregnant at this point so who knows if this will end up being a viable pregnancy but so far my numbers are great and just getting pregnant is HUGE for me. I just wanted to share this story as I felt utterly hopeless for so many years and never once did one of the fancy Park Ave doctors recommend this to me. You know your own body best and for anyone who feels like they have autoimmune issues this might be worth a shot. It is literally the only thing that's gotten me pregnant naturally in a decade.

Best of luck to all. I know how hard it is to deal with infertility and who knows where my journey ends but I feel blessed to even have gotten this far. x

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Thanks for sharing! I am also in my 40s and hoping to conceive. Best of luck.


6 months ago

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