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Miscarriage again! Is there any hope?

I’ve had another miscarriage. This one was at 6 weeks. My last miscarriage was in January at 9 weeks. Utterly devastated. Is there any hope? We’re lucky that getting pregnant has been easy. Both months of trying, I became pregnant.
I was on daily fragmin injections due to a previous DVT during pregnancy and was waiting for my early scan this Friday where I would have been prescribed Cyclogest. Just don’t understand why it’s happened again. Not sure what the point of this post is really. Just wanted to read other people’s success stories I guess. Thanks for reading x

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So sorry to hear about your miscarriage. That sucks. I have had a miscarriage at 9,11 weeks and chemicals. Always so sad. I have also had successful pregnancies so I say keep trying Talk to your doctor as well -maybe some hormone tests, ultrasounds etc to look for any reasons why this might be happening. I never found out why…..maybe just my body knowing the baby wasn’t viable.


11 weeks ago

I always miscarry unless I immediately get on progesterone suppositories. I have had 6 living children all because from the very day I get the first barely there second line, I call my dr and he immediately calls on progesterone. It’s best for me when taken internally like a suppository. Some people take it orally too. I’m so sorry for your pain.. I had 14 early losses but the progesterone is vital for so many. Also… some docs what to check progesterone levels… that takes up too much time.. you need a dr who will listen and help and get you on it immediately. Prayers for your heart.

11 weeks ago

You have a lovely family Hang in there. I hope you get a strong BFP soon. I have never been tested for progesterone but it obviously can be a strong factor. Best wishes and baby dust


11 weeks ago

Thank you both so much for your encouraging comments.
I’m sorry that you have had miscarriages too in the past.
I’ve almost stopped bleeding which is good and we will try again, that’s what’s giving me hope. I don’t know whether to wait for a period and then try again though.
My doctor wanted me to have my early scan (7 weeks)first, before prescribing progesterone- that’s what the gynaecology team advised. They wanted to check dosage due to my DVT. I think I need to push to get it earlier than that though otherwise it may be too late again next time.
Thanks again ladies.

11 weeks ago • Post starter

So sorry to hear about your loss,i know full well how that feels,one loss at 10 weeks and another at 5 months.Sometimes pregnancies just aren't viable,so your body will end them.Other times your body just isn't ready to support a pregnancy and again will end it.I think now you've had another miscarriage you really should push your doctors to get the right treatment,i think doctors leave things too late,most pregnancy losses happen early on,so that's when all the necessary checks should be done.You can get progesterone creams on line and from most chemist,to use while waiting for the Dr to prescribed it.Make sure you're taking all your pregnancy vitamins prior to conceiving,they are a vital part of pregnancy,which I'm sure you know.You don't have to wait for your period before you try again,there is no reason you can't try straight away,i know plenty of people who fell straight away after a miscarriage including me,and she's now 9.Don't let Dr's or midwifes fob you off,get all the medical help and advice you can.I wish you all the luck in the world.

11 weeks ago

Thank you so much for your reply.
Having a miscarriage early on is hard, but loosing a baby so late on is heartbreaking. I’m so sorry you went through that.
You’re right, I do need to insist that I get the correct support early on, so I will contact my doctor tomorrow. When I hadn’t my miscarriage at 9 weeks, the consultant said I must be prescribed Cyclogest and have an early scan. I need to insist that I’m prescribed it as soon as I fall pregnant!
Thank you again for your words of encouragement xx

10 weeks ago • Post starter

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