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TTC with all the details for baby 4

Hi and welcome!

I thought I'd go ahead and start a journal. It's been long while since hubs and I have TTCed and I remember that with each of my babies it felt really good to have a place to be able to jot done what we'd tried and just have an emotional outlet in general.

So just a bit about myself. I am almost 32 years old ( October is my bday month) and I have 3 beautiful sweet and extra energetic little boys. My oldest will be turning 7 in a month and my middle child is 6 and my youngest is 4.

I am married to a loving man and lately both of us have mentioned how great it would be to have another baby or two in the house. So here we are trying for baby number 4.

On the TTC side or things....unfortunately being overweight ( I am working on it lost 36kgs /79lbs and have 15kgs/ 33lbs to go) has my cycles a bit irregular. Not by much I range from a 30-33 cycle days usually. My AF is pretty normal 1 day of light spotting followed by heavy flow until the last day which turns light and then stops.

So my last period started on May 12th and and according to GLOW and FLO app I ovulated somewhere between May 23 to May 30. GLOW days May 24 to the 30th and FLO says May 23 to 29.

If I add countdowntopregnancy I get a whole different set of numbers. I haven't tracked my ovulation except for this month and so I'm thinking if this month doesn't work out by next month I'll be able to figure it out better. Personally I feel like I might have ovulated either on May 25th or May 27th....

For the last couple of days i have noticed that my smell is a bit more sensitive as are my breasts but well that's also a period symptoms. I do seem to need to use the bathroom a bit more and ok no joke I am so TIRED!! LIKE fell asleep in church tired ...yeah I laughed too. Husband didn't laugh he was to embarrassed. And yesterday evening I noticed the lightest pink when I wiped in the evening before bed. Today I've had light pink every time I.go to the bathroom and twice there was a long string (TMI!!) of cm with red streaks.

I remember having something like this with my 3rd child.

Either way I am super excited to get to do this again! And at the same time very hopeful this might be the awesome would it be to get that positive our first month!!?? We've never had that happen before.

BTW any ideas on a good journal title? I have no creative streaks in me whatsoever .

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Well, it's not our month. Woke up this morning to full blown AF. . Going to try to stay positive even though honestly I kind of just want to cry. I was so certain we'd got it this month.

Kind of also wish that this would be one of those amazing stories that I've read about were it's a actually not AF and I'll end up surprised with a beautiful positive test. But I feel like that would take a lot of luck and I've never been that lucky .

Anyways, positive thoughts. This is now CD2 and gives me some more time to hopefully get rid of a bit more weight. My weight loss goal for this month is 5-6kgs. So I'll keep track of what I'm doing for that here as well.

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Hey, keeping fingers crossed for you! I've just got my bfp today for number 4, I'm 33 and I have three boys! I'm also trying to keep on top of my weight we were TTC at the start of the year and it didn't work so we had given up (DH wasnt so keen on the idea). And now here is our surprise! Its easier said than done but these things have a habit of happening when you take the pressure off and just go with it, what's meant to be will be I guess! Good luck!

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