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Here you can rant with no apologies

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Hello ladies! Ttc can really be a roller coaster especially for anyone who’s trying for a long time like me. I’m creating this board so anyone can come and rant as much as they want at anytime. No judgment here, only support!!
We got this ladies. Take it all out!

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Ugh—day 14 ish over here and zero sign of ovulation. I have been using Clearblue sticks. I used to have a perfect 25-26 day cycle...but lately it’s been 21 days to 14 days. Not looking good. ????. Not sure if I should keep using the stocks or save them for next cycle.


5 months ago

Miam you shouldn’t feel bad for ranting even to people like me who’s trying longer.. you have your journey and it isn’t easier just because is shorter. I’m very hopeful though that you’ll have your baby in your arms soon. Your body did it before and it sure can and will do it once more! Cheer up you got this!

Tanya this is so frustrating. COVID had us all messed up in so many areas and now won’t be able to ttc and create a family because of that must be so hard for you. Thankfully you have your 8 yo angel and you can distract yourself till the time comes and you can start trying again!! Sending hugs

Nasake thank you babe. You’re a pretty tough cookie too! All my prayers include all of us ladies who’s struggling for so long

Binini my heart is with you. I know your struggle. Trying for 10 years now and I’m also prescribed metformin even though I’m not diagnosed with pcos and my cycles are very stable. I’m not it over a year now with no luck!
So happy that your body showed you that it can do it. I’m so hopeful that you will have a happy and healthy pregnancy soon!!!

Rosehill I would keep using them just in case. Your body maybe needs more time this cycle. But if testing makes you anxious then you should consider stopping them. I quit testing a long time ago and I’m just BDing every other day on my fertile window. If it is going to happen I will always have my bases covered!! Fingers crossed girl!

AFM I’m feeling much better with my friends pregnancy. It was pretty tough for me especially because it was on my AF days and my hormones were all over the place. I’m cd 9 today and my fertile days are here. Not very hopeful anymore but I’m always thinking about it and trying anyways!!

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4 months ago • Post starter

Rosehill - Thank you very much for your kind words. I feel good. Baby dust to all of us..

4 months ago

Alexplpl- Thank you so much. It is where I can vent. Frustrating times like this... Thank you for your words.. Finding support here..????

4 months ago

Hello ladies! Just passing by to send everyone some love. I hope everyone is doing great and hopefully we had some good outcomes in the last month or so!
I’m currently not really counting or charting in general and just trying to enjoy life. What comes is welcome!
With that said and me knowing that I’m waiting for AF in a couple of days I had some brown discharge this morning which was kinda weird. I’ve noticed it (sorry tmi) after I pooped and it was definitely a vaginal discharge lol. After that I didn’t have any of spotting or anything else. I, at the time, assumed that AF came earlier since I also had some period cramping but now it’s been several hours and nothing. I’m not usually having spotting or anything before AF. I’m more like an immediate flow kind of girl.. anyways.. I though this was weird and hopefully I’ll get my answers soon!

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3 months ago • Post starter

Ohhhhh I feel for all you ladies. I’m 40, TTC #1 for 6 1/2 yrs. I’ve been with my husband for 22, we just wanted to wait. 1/2 year into trying and my stepdaughter became pregnant, still trying but have kinda lost hope. Had all tests done but it’s my husband’s motility and morphology. Cannot afford to do IVF, and that’s our only option according to our dr. Now my stepdaughter is pregnant with #2 and my other stepdaughter is pregnant with #1. It’s absolutely crushing.

11 weeks ago

Trigger warning

I need to pour my heart. I need to shout, most than anything I need someone to listen to my sorrow. They say everything happens for a reason. They say God needed another angel.. that maybe God needed him but I NEED my son too! Why did God rip my baby away from me? They say don’t question god’s doing but my heart is shattered. Why did I carry him for nine months to then 3 months later lose my baby. Why even send him to me? Why make me fall in love with my baby and rip my baby from me? Why? Why? Am I paying for something that I did? I was left with an empty car seat, and empty stroller, his bathtub where he loved his baths sits there, but the most difficult thing are my empty arms that no longer hold him. I loved my son, my SO loved our son. He was so loved and full of life. A mother grieving and a father grieving. We all have different walks of life and I’m sorry if this is a lot I just needed someone to hear me.

6 weeks ago

Long time no see ladies and reading your last posts my heart aches… I’m so sorry for you all..
I’m still here childless at almost 39 years old.. I’m 6 days late for af and already done 3 tests all bfn.. I really hope I’m not going at any early menopause since I’m NEVER late. I checked my charts from the past 3 years and I only twice was late and the longer was 4 days. I really do t know what’s happening

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21 days ago • Edited • Post starter

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