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NTNP but why am I trying so hard?

I have 1 child already who is 2, my husband and I are on the not trying, not preventing train and letting God do his work instead if we are meant to have another child. I was hoping taking this route would help me not to obsess over getting pregnant....but...wrongo...I have tested atleast twice a month still. Anyone have suggestions on how to take a chill pill and relax? We are busy people working on a farm so literally...I have plenty to do...but I always find time to POAS and search TTC as well. Any advice is appreciated!

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Honestly, the only thing that has helped me not to obsess is to make my brain re-route. When I start thinking about it (which always turns to obsessing) I make myself stop and think of something else. Consciously tell myself, no, I’m not going down that path because it’s not good for me, instead we’re going to think about ‘x’. Even having a list of things ready that can occupy my thoughts. I’m still doing things to help TTC (taking supplements and using progesterone cream) but I stopped using OPKs because POAS just makes me want to test. I did buy a fertility tracker this month though, because I can put it on and forget about it. Hopefully it helps but if I find it’s making me obsess, I’ll stop using it. It’s a hard balance of finding things that are helpful and healthy vs which things lead to obsessing and spiraling. What makes you feel good consistently and what ends up making you feel depressed and exhausted.
I’ve also got a couple things that I can look forward to if I don’t get pregnant. I’ve started a new exercise routine, and I’m hoping I get back to when I felt my strongest. I’m booking a beach vacation in a place with a hot tub and looking forward to being in it with a drink at the end of the day. Things like that.
And I limit my time here- I don’t go to the gallery of pregnancy tests anymore, I really just pop on to record my cycle and look at the message boards.
I hope any of that helps!

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