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1 1/2 day period?

Hi I’m brand new to the community here, but I’ve really liked this site for months now with all of the stats etc.

I am writing because I had a cycle that was out of the ordinary for me this month, I was trying really hard to not symptom spot, but I was having very weird symptoms! The biggest things I noticed were twinges and stretching/pulling sensations in my lower abdomen, and breast changes. I filled out the probability of pregnancy calculator on here and it said I was 25.6% I think, it was a few days ago so it was somewhere around there.

Anyway, on Thursday I got what I thought was my period, I had cramps and bleeding and I was just relieved to finally know one way or the other. It got lighter and lighter as the day went on, and by Friday it was just spotting. This morning I checked my menstrual cup there was a small amount brown blood mixed with CM (sorry tmi).

Now my flow has completely stopped, and I’m really confused. My periods are normally very predictable so this very out of the ordinary. I would be 17dpo today if this wasn’t really a period, so I guess I’m just wondering if anyone has had a similar experience and turned out to be pregnant? Is it worth testing again?

I’m temping and checking my cervix and they both have been inconclusive too which is frustrating. I’m hoping my temps or cervix will lower so I will have a clear answer lol.

Sorry this was so long, if you read this far thanks so much!

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Did you test??

36 days ago

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