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TTC for 2nd child. TTC cycle 1. 36 year old.

Feb 22-cd1-period started
March 6-cd13- around 9:30 pm twinges/sharp pain in left lower abdomen. Ovulation??
March 7-cd14-highest sex drive. Watery cm. bd in afternoon.
March 8-cd15- sex drive dies! Fatigue!!
March 9-11-tired. Sleepy
March 12-back to normal energy levels. Increased sex drive.
March 13- Feel normal. No tiredness. Gas in stomach. Dry cm.
March 14-Feel normal and energetic. Gas. Diarrhoea. Dry cm. Travelled by air from one place to another. It was a 3 hours flight.
March 15-dry cm. Energetic. Cleaning my house with music full on. One moment I felt very happy by listening music and next moment I disliked music and turned it off. By 8 pm I started to have pinching and pulling sharp pains in both left and right side of lower abdomen and in lower back as well. Think AF is making its way/implantation??
March 16-high energy levels.feel very normal.dry cm.
March 17-cd24-Energetic. Dry cm. Nothing different.

Now I need to wait for few more days to welcome AF or pregnancy!

  UPDATE   March 18-cd25-Gas. Diarrhoea. PMS type dull cramps in lower back on left side. I love to drink tea, but today I nauseated by looking at evening tea.

I don't know what's in store for me.

March 19-cd26-woke up very late today. mild diarrhoea. Not feeling to eat breakfast. No other symptoms.

March 20-cd27- resisting myself to test for the fear of getting disappointed. Mild diarrhoea and gas continues, which is unusual for me. May be because I have travelled a lot this month and ate different types of food. Woke up with dull mood.
Hubby is throwing party. Feeling uninterested which is unusual me.

March 21-cd28-took preg test. it turned negative. Lost hope for this cycle. Sad. Cried a lot.
Better luck next cycle.
Waiting for AF

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