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Has anyone gotten a BFP the cycle after a miscarriage?

I received my last depo shot about a year ago. It took about 6 months to get my period back. For the next few months my cycle was very irregular, as expected. Each month, my cycle would decrease in length by a few days until I reached my pre birth control cycle length of 28 days. February 4th after two regular 28 day cycles, I had a faint positive. On February 8th I miscarried; blood, clots, cramps, unbelievabley terrible hot flash, nausea, the whole 9. Later that day I went and got a quantative hcg test, to which my levels were single digit. Repeat the test two days later and levels were at a 2. I'm pretty new to my TTC journey, and quite lazy about it if we are being honest. I don't test for ovulation or anything, I just track my symptoms and make assumptions based on those. The 22nd and 23rd, my libido was off the charts, this to me was a sign of possible ovulation. Like the maniac I am, I've been testing for 4 days, even though I'm well aware that it's way too early. It doesn't stop me because I'm literally obsessed. I'm hoping that these negative tests will turn positive around the begining of the week Anyone have any positive stories of BFP after miscarriage? I need encouragement!

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So sorry about your early miscarriage. That sucks! I have gotten pregnant 3 and 6 months after a miscarriage. The 3 month turnover was when I was a lot younger. Good luck! It’s entirely possible to get pregnant that soon. Since it was a chemical it won’t impact any future pregnancy. One doctor told me that you are more fertile after a miscarriage so hope that it true for you this month! Good luck.


6 weeks ago

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