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Getting pregnant after miscarriage?

So any of you ladies have some stories about getting pregnant after miscarriage and what are some thing I can expect? Today is day 1 of a new cycle for me after a hard long miscarriage. :(( But I feel much better and I'm ready to move on. We both agree we hope we are blessed soon after this is behind us. In fact this miscarriage was a surprise pregnancy. I had totally stopped testing and tracking and we just didnt think about more kids over the the last couple months. But noowww.... I have some serious!! baby fever! I'm heart broken but I was also very sick and went through a long, almost 2 months of miscarrying. It's been AWFUL! This is my 4th pregnancy and 1st miscarriage. Any advise, tips for an ever healthier recovery, should I wait or not wait?.. Thanks in advance!

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Fist and foremost, I'm very sorry for your loss! With that being said, I say if you're ready go for it! I had my first miscarriage on the 8th of Feb, but it was a very early miscarriage. I had a quantative hcg test the same afternoon and my levels were a measly 9 mIU/ml. I know it's wishful thinking, but I'm hoping to have a BFP this cycle, even though I haven't had an *actual* period since miscarrying just 3 and a half weeks ago. From what I have read, it's recommended that you wait a cycle or two to try again, however I am unable to find any scientific reasoning as to WHY they suggest waiting. In my unprofessional opinion, I believe that if your body is ovulating then your body is ready to try again. As far as if YOU are ready to try again, that is completely up to you! Baby dust and best wishes!

11 months ago

So sorry for your loss xx
I'm also in a similar situation, miscarried and passed tissue on 12th of Feb (after a long period of bleeding and doctors appointments)
Hcg down to zero on 26th and I think I may have ovulate this week. Didn't think it could happen so quick but we had bd before I did lh test!
Anyone have any experiences of this??xx

11 months ago

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