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Going nuts? Dpo 20, BFN all around me, no AF to be seen, but lots of symptoms...

Hi there! So I'm not TTC, but haven't been using birth control. Don't ask why cause honestly I don't know, i guess I'm just not that smart lol. I do want children and so does my bf, but the timing would not be good right now, so we're waiting to try.

Anyways, here's the thing. I usually have a 29 cycle every month. I mean, everyyy month. The highest it's been late by days is 1,2 days, so this is definitely odd and i don't know what to make of it.
I'm 36 CD and 7 days late. I don't know how many dpo because I wasn't trying actively.
I don't know what's happening, the tests are all negative, but AF has not stopped by, and i have all of these symptoms that seem to progress each day or two.

Ive been feeling moody and weepy, but also happy a lot more than I usually am. I usually never cry, but yesterday I cried because I complimented my bf and just meant it so much I got emotional. It wasn't a deep compliment or anything, something along the lines of "you're so beautiful and sweet, and i love you" i just meant to say in a passing, but then i started crying.

I've been peeing a lot more. Usually i pee like 2-3 times a day, and now it's like 5-7 and sometimes at night. I'm been thirsty as well (thank God, so i don't become a raisin) and feel like I'm starving constantly. I ate 2 dinners yesterday, and a lunch snack as well as lunch and breakfast. This is also odd as I've never been the type to eat this much. Usually I'd eat twice or three times a day if I remember it.

I've been bloated, and my girls are huuuuge. I mean, two cups bigger at least. I was a solid A cup, and now I'm at least a C cup, If not a bit more. They're so sore that my sweater has turned into a torture device. They're veiny, lumpy, and feel sore and heavy, and my nipples are so sensitive. I don't know if the areolas are any different. Maybe bigger, but i don't really keep track colorwise.

I've been having dull cramps, but not like AF All of the time. Some times there'll be a minute or two of AF like ones, but then it'll be more dull, and achy.

Also, I'm sweating and overheating, which is again super odd as the temp here is -4° and nowhere near anything i should sweat to.

I felt dizzy for a while in the beginning but that stopped, and my nausea that i felt also dimmered down a few days ago.
Last thing is, the day before i was supposed to get AF, i had some very light brown/pale yellowish discharge, and a tiny amount of pink. It was like two drops pink, and the spotting only lasted for two hours or so. That's all i got. And there's not been any new spotting since.

The thing I'm so confused about is, tho i really do feel symptoms, my tests are all negative, and for sure they would come up positive by now, right? I'm at such a loss for what to do. I've booked a doctors app for Wednesday, but i don't even know how to explain this to her, or what to say.
I just wish I'd get AF or a bfp by now, because this limbo is frustrating and i feel like I'm crazy when I speak to someone about it. It's like i can hear the crazy coming out of me as I mention these things to my bf.

I really don't know what to make of this. Has anyone experienced anything like this, and if so, what ended up happening? Is it possible that I really could be pregnant when the tests are coming up negative in steams? I would love to hear from others that have insight or have heard or experienced things relating to this.
I'm staring to get panicky and don't know how to deal with this. Next time I'll definitely be more careful using birth control, cause my bf wants me to get an abortion if I'm preg, but i want to keep it. I support abortion to the fullest and think that it's a crucial women's right, but i just freak out to the thought of having one myself.

Okay, I've gone on for too long haha, so sorry!
Have a nice day, and i hope to hear from people who've been in this confusing mess too..

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Hey hope you are okay! What happened in the end?
Definitely sounded like you had a lot of potential pregnancy symptoms and some people dont get a positive test until much later.
Hope you are okay! xxxx

Remember: 'hurt people hurt people' - dont let those around you be collateral damage of TTC! x

10 months ago

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