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No period but negative HPT

So my period was due 7 days ago. during that time(i was supposed to start) I have only had dark brown spotting or a drop or two of pink spotting here and there I only have to wear a light pad THIS is not normal for me. I have had very heavy periods since puberty. so bad to the point I have to change my pad and tampon every hr to two hours cause i get very large blood clots. Last time i had a period this light was my very 1st one at 12. so ive been feeling off. dizzy, hungrier than usual, peeing a lot and weird boob tingling. No history I have 2 children one almost 5 and the other is 3 gonna be 4 soon. my husband had a vasectomy but it was reversed April 2019. We had no luck getting pregnant and his last semen analysis in the past few months have been bad with low count and zero % mobility. Even getting pregnant through medical intervention would be difficult no to mention expensive. So I kind of gave up until he gets his butt in gear and does one more follow up. I have been testing and have only go a light positive here and there. the test i did this morning was also light, almost too light. I am hoping its not another chemical pregnancy or maybe just stress IDK can anyone help me?

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With all your symptoms it does sound like you are pregnant! Keep testing. See if it gets darker. I really hope you have a healthy pregnancy! All the best.


12 weeks ago

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