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BFP Progression worries

I am 4w+2d pregnant (16dpo) and I am worried that my bfp isn't strong enough... and that it doesn't get darker as it should!
What do you all think?
I had a MC last year and I am so worried that it could happen again
Lower Pic is from yesterday 1PM, the upper one is from this morning 6AM

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10 Answers • 5 months ago



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It all depends upon how much concentrated your urine is. You may have more concentrated urine at 1pm for some reason. Do you drink water overnight at all?
Congratulations though. I'd stop testing now and book in with your Dr's if haven't already. Good luck sticky baby dust.

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5 months ago

I agree with the lady above. It all depends on how concentrated the urine is. I'd get checked in with the doctors and ask for a quantitive beta HCG to check your numbers are doubling as they should, and try to relax. <3

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5 months ago

Thank you all, I will try not to think too much and relax

5 months ago • Post starter

I couldn’t resist and tested again...
I am quite positive but After the missed MC of last year I’m afraid it might happen again!!!

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4 months ago • Post starter

I’ll add another one... at this point I am a bit concerned... how do I keep calm and wait until next Friday the 12.?

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4 months ago • Post starter

Honestly I also think that at this stage (5w1d) the test line should be darker than the control line....

4 months ago • Post starter

I just wanted to give an update... I had a MC.
Today I am pregnant again but I am so afraid... it's the third pregnancy in less than 2 years and after 2 MC all my hopes are so low.
Praying this time it sticks

9 days ago • Post starter

Congrats and praying the baby sticks. With all the MC, would your doctor/midwife put you on some sort of progesterone?

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9 days ago

Thank you
No, just folic acid and that's it!
MUST stay positive and try not to stress out

8 days ago • Post starter

Sending you


7 days ago

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