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Is my baby okay?

Hello this is my second pregnancy the first one ended in an natural miscarriage two years ago I'm am 8 weeks and 2 days pregnant i went to my first ultrasound on January 21 and saw my baby and I hear it heartbeat it was at 178 and they did some blood work

So i still worrying about having another miscarriage my obgyn got me on progesterone insert vaginal capsule because my progesterone level was at 5.9

I'm also not having a lot of pregnancy symptom i do feel nausea/ vomiting sometimes in the morning but nothing much

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8 Answers • 39 days ago



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I did not have any symptoms with 2 out of 3...none at all

38 days ago

I had no sickness with my youngest 2 but with my oldest I was 4 months along before I even got sick.. My 2nd oldest I was sick for the first 4 months. Every pregnancy is different.

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38 days ago

My last pregnancy didn’t have any symptoms really... Ask for another scan if you can. 178 sounds good...maybe a girl?? ??????. Good luck and sticky vibes to you!


32 days ago

Just stay calm if you stress to much you could end up losing the baby

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30 days ago

Just try to relax! Everything seems to be alright so think positive!
Sticky vibes

29 days ago

Thanks you lalara I'm 10 weeks now everything is going good so far I'm am high risk and i found out on an blood test I'm an carrier of two diseases but I'm very excited to get more ultrasound done have not got one since 8 weeks and 4 days ... But I'm going to relaxed now


21 days ago • Post starter

So happy you’ve made it to 10 weeks! I love your ultrasound pic. Stay positive

21 days ago

Thanks you so much Sonata85 I can not believe almost out of the first trimester with not having much pregnancy symptoms .. Sometimes I forget I'm am pregnant. The progesterone pill is really helping saving this pregnancy


19 days ago • Post starter

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