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Pregnancy after recurrent miscarriage

Hi ladies,

I'm just wondering whether anybody has experience with the use of low-dose aspirin and or progesterone supplements to avoid early pregnancy loss?

I've just had a very early positive pregnancy test and I'm hoping to explore ways to ensure that the pregnancy holds. Where I live where I live, generally I will need to see fertility specialist to ask questions rather than my doctor. just hoping to learn about other people's experiences and what questions I should be asking.

By way of background I was a pregnant for 36 weeks of 2020, with three separate pregnancies which ended in miscarriage.

I have a 5 year old, and had a missed miscarriage at approximately 12 weeks about 18 months later, I then had another healthy pregnancy. and trying for a third baby I have had three early miscarriages before the 12 week mark, of taking a long time to resolve including retained tissue and other issues, one of them was a suspected ectopic.

All advice and experiences appreciated.

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I had no problem getting and staying pregnant with my first. After she was born, my body never seem to have gone back to the pre pregnancy stage. When we were trying for our second, it took close to a year as I was having recurring chemicals month after month. I Googled progesterone cream and I thought I would give it a try. Got pregnant the first month using it. The only thing is that you have to keep taking it basically till the placenta takes over (I went till shortly after my 20 week scan) then gradually wean off it; gave birth to a healthy boy. On to pregnancy #3, this time we weren't actively trying but left the decision in his hands. Ordered more progesterone cream and gave it a try. Got pregnant the second month on it. Now waiting for the birth of our third; gender is unknown. I wasn't prescribed the cream, just thought I would give it a try. I used the Emerita progest cream; start using right after ovulation twice a day. Stop using if AF shows, keep using if pregnant. Hope this helps. Good luck and praying for sticky vibes.

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7 months ago

Thank you! So many people have suggested progesterone cream to me but I didn't have any name/brand to work with.

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Hi dragonfly, just curious, how to use the progesterone cream, rub it on the belly area ?

7 months ago

Hi. I started using ut right after ovulation; two times a day. I to put a dime size on my chest area, behind the knees and on my wrists. Making sure to change spots everytime. Say behind the left knee at night, then in the morning on the wrist. That night before bed, behind the right knee, etc. If you didn't succeed that month then you can stop taking it. If you do conceive then keep taking it. I think I stopped this pregnancy around 25 weeks but weened off slowly. Hope this helps. Message me if you ever need anything else.

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7 months ago

Thanks a lot ????

7 months ago

I am sorry to know about your losses. A friend of mine was in the same shoes, and got pregnant via IVF PGS NGS 360

#1 IVF failed, no implantation #2IVF failed, no implantation, #3IVF - a new clinic in Gdansk

6 months ago

Thanks missmouse 9 weeks and going strong so far.

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I have been on aspirin for last 16months due to a blood clot condition which i found out i have after suffering 7 miscarriages, we were being referred to a fertility clinic due to not conceiving in past 16months but i am now 5w 2days ,
I have to start injections soon as they see a heartbeat to help with the clots.
Just had bloods, HCG 545 and progesterone is 35.
Never used aby creams for that. It was never mentioned as a issue. My last mc was 16months ago. I do hope this baby sticks xx due a scan at 6w 3days.
Nice to hear your going strong with this pregnancy x after all you have been through xx


3 months ago

If you've had healthy babies I wouldn't take baby aspirin.
I have to take baby aspirin with my pregnancies as I had 6 miscarriages (one set of twins). I have thick blood and then it clots for the baby so baby can't survive. I have 2 children now. Had another mc back in October 2020 but didn't know I was pregnant so wasn't taking the aspirin. I also use progesterone vaginal pesseries up to 16 weeks. If in the UK you should be given help after 3 MCs (no help to conceive) just to find out why your miscarrying.
Anyway, the bad thing about aspirin, when having my first baby I bled out and nearly died because my blood could no longer clot. So if you are going to take it be aware of this.

3 months ago

Mimey31- thanks for your reply. My progesterone was in the 40s and the obstetrician started me on progesterone suppositories as well as baby aspirin. Only had to take until 12 weeks.

Pieface - I only had to take to 18 weeks until placenta fully established so am not taking it anymore because I didnt have pre-eclampsia with either of my two born babes.

Interesting further note - they don't routinely swab for StrepB hewre (up to 60% of the population carry it) and apparently that can also be a cause of repeat miscarriage which isn't screened. My swab was negative but I'm almost 100% it was bloodflow because of the weird constricted/vibratey feelings i had in my uterus in the weeks before all of my failed pregnancies.

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