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Red implantation bleeding

Hi all,
I have had light but red bleeding since Thursday (9dpo) evening and I am just wondering if anyone has experienced red implantation bleeding without cramps or clots and gone on to have a healthy pregnancy?

I started bleeding Thursday evening and has continued. I tested Friday morning and afternoon and got a really faint positive line. Tested again this morning and afternoon and line is stronger but bleeding is still there now.

Hoping its just a wriggling little bean getting really settled in!

Does anyone else have any experience with this kind of bleeding?

Love to hear any stories!!

(some tests in photos were with more dilute samples)

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Was with my doctor today. Confirmed pregnancy via urine sample and took bloods for hcg levels comparison testing. Repeat bloods in 48hours.
Still bleeding red but not a substantial amount.
Dip strips darker every day so fingers crossed!

20 days ago • Post starter

Good luck! It’s probably just implantation bleeding. Your tests look really solid. All the best! I have had implantation spotting with a pregnancy in the past—as well as spotting in my first trimester. Should be fine.


20 days ago

I have had spotting before for implantation but brown oe pink, never red so here's hoping!

19 days ago • Post starter

I am sending you strong sticky baby vibes! If your hug is going up-a good sign. Also you could request an early ultrasound for 6 weeks. Good luck!


19 days ago

Thanks Rosehill! Doctor is sending me for an early scan in about 2 weeks so hopefully all is great!

18 days ago • Post starter

Okay. I really hope all goes well! Just try to relax (so hard I know) and take it easy if you can. The ultrasound will give you some answers. All the best. X


18 days ago

Good news!! Hcg was 125 on Monday and 298 on Wednesday so it has a little more than doubled in 48 hours!!

Now just to wait for the scan and all happy!!

16 days ago • Post starter

That’s amazing news!!! Yahoo! Good luck with the scan ????


14 days ago

Had scan today but inconclusive

Hcg is being tested again today and on Friday so we should have a clearer picture then but still in limbo for the time being!

11 days ago • Post starter

Hcg has reduced to 197 repeating test later today but not holding much hope

9 days ago • Post starter

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