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I think this is it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well hears whats happening, im gettin sorta lines on internet cheapies but who belives them, im outa FRER's ,the last frer i did was 6 DPO showed a dark line stright away,got so excited call my BFF and as i was talking it faded to nothing WTF! Anyway i have wrote it off as a BFN,im 8 DPO today here is what is happening now, Lastnight woke up at 3am with this weird taste on the end of my tongue almost like a chemical taste, i couldnt get the taste to go away but got back to sleep, it was gone this morning and hasnt returned, im cranky as hell, i was really rude to the poor Austar girl on the phone cause she wouldnt listen, i have had headaches for the past 2 days panadol helps but they come back, and my boobs...oh my boobs hurt so much, on the bootoms and under my armpits mostly, my nipples hurt a little to touch (and i havent made them that way from poking em either) and they feel warm, much warmer than the rest of me, and i have had stabing pains on and off for 2 days, whatcha think?
oh and i have been TTC for 13 cycles now!

Me 28 - DP 30 HSG all clear, very high AFC 42 SA 27million on Menevit,2% Normal Mild Teratospermia Been TTC since June 2011 Aug 2012 10dpo 10 weeks little boy Trisomy 16 Jan 2013 9dpo CP July 2013 1st round of Tamoxifen 20mg Ovidrel trigger and 4 pregnyl booster shots IVF November 2013 6 eggs collected, 5 Fertilized normally, Transferred 1 beautiful compacting 3 day morula, froze 4... FET Feb 2014 4DP5DT, Beta 11DP5DT 647 User Image

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Sounds very promising! I'll be sure to keep you in my prayers! What day do you expect AF??

"Whatever is to be, must be" - Bob Marley

6 years ago

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