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I want to be pregnant too...

I have one of those days... You know, when you feel like you are the only one... I just came home from shopping. And I swear, I was the only woman over thirty not pregnant or pushing a pram. Every woman at that damn superstore was pregnant or with children or both. So many cute little babies. Dads wearing baby slings. Glowing women with beautiful round bellies. And then me... I so want to be a glowing pregnant woman! I want to push a pram and walk beside my DH while he wears the baby in a sling. It's just so unfair! Everyone is getting ready for the Christmas holidays and they seem so happy! I want THIS too... I want to be happy too... I want to be pregnant too...

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I am with you on this one and have had 'one of those days' myself.

For me, it was a family gathering with the in-laws, who have no scruples about asking when we're going to have a baby. Moreover, there was my SIL with her new little 3-week old boy. Everyone was holding him, playing with him... And of course, everyone was looking at me, someone with pity, and asking "WHEN???" To be honest, it was hard to hold him... I just want my own! I can't wait for my de cycle to start. Soon it will be my time to glow and shine and share happiness!

Big hugs to you! You're not alone xx

12 months ago

It's just not fair. Totally understand where you are coming from. Babies and children are everywhere! Superstores are the worst. And work. I swear when I started my new job people were giving me odd looks because I am mid-thirties and I don't have children. I swear I am not being paranoid! It's the first social question they ask! I was the only one who did not have kids (except the two or three juniors). You could tell some of them wanted to ask why but fortunately they did not. Still, you have to endure all those child-related work conversations.

12 months ago

I know it's hard, isn't it?
people complaining about their children just make me want to jump up and scream! yet another family member is pg. just found out today... it's the 3rd for them. I guess they sucked all the fertile genes out of the family tree. dh has known for a few days. I'm guessing he wanted to break it to me gently or maybe not at all. I don't know. and even though he only waited a few days before telling me, I'm still a bit ticked off. what am I saying? I'd be feeling the same even if I found out before today... when's it our turn?
superstores during office hours are the worst. late-night shopping and weekends are less painful. I started buying clothes that would double as maternity a couple of years ago. now they're worn out and there is no bump yet! don't ever feel guilty for venting and feeling the way you do. unfortunately, it’s the nature of the beast when you’re not pg that every pg woman or a woman pushing a pram stands out like a neon sign.

12 months ago

Can I join the vent? I'm feeling sorry for myself today... I'm a teacher. I think I might lose the plot if another parent tells me how crap their life is with kids… Or how their child is so naughty that I should take them home. I would. I really would. I will also go nuts on the next parent that asks me when I'm going to have kids... I would if I could. The worst is seeing the kids who need love, who I would take home in a heartbeat. Add in the many teachers who are pregnant around me... Then add these things to the fact that my sister is pregnant with her second child. She is due one month before I would have been if my pregnancy had continued. Her first child was a lovely 'accident'. The second took her two months to conceive. Then, just to bury me completely in feeling sorry for myself she loves to tell me all about her pregnancy and how awful it is.

12 months ago

I am constantly shocked and amazed at the ease with which everyone around me seems to fall pregnant. It's like some kind of surreal joke.
It never seems to get any easier to deal with these super-fertile beings.
I just can't get my head around it.
@josscosm I hope these family members of yours are at least able to offer you a little sensitivity and not rub it in your face.
Yesterday I was at the store with my husband. I swear every woman had a baby or was PG, or both, in some cases! I had a lovely time there but couldn't help feeling down. Everywhere I looked there were reminders of other people's fertility.
I did console myself slightly by thinking some of them may have been through IVF or some other fertility treatment. Not all of them could have fallen PG first go, right?

12 months ago

It isn't fair. I know it sucks. I'm sorry you all have to go through it too. All that stupidity only makes it worse. When we were TTC I could cope with seeing pregnant women by telling myself that they may have gone through worse than me. It's the other idiocy I couldn't handle. I'm getting very tired of people telling me how hard it's going to be to have a baby and how much they are tired of their kids. Sometimes I'd like to tell them that it's much much harder not to be able to get pregnant, to have a miscarriage, to do ivf and see pregnant women all over the place. I don't get why people complain. It's so stupid! Why bother having them if they are such pains in the ass. Let the people who want kids have them. And don't get me started on people who smoke around their kids, or who leave them unattended in shops. I also hate the "you must be so sick of being pregnant"... Even if I was sick the entire time I'd still like it. I promise not to be the woman who brings her new baby into the ivf clinic to show it off loudly even though there are some visibly upset people there.

12 months ago

I feel you hun! 38 years old here. Never pregnant.. trying for almost 10 years. Feels like it will never happen and I’ll grow old with this pain in my heart... keep strong.

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12 months ago

Sher let's all join in. My friend told me her and her husband were going to try getting pregnant after their 1st wedding anniversary.
I'm married 10 years. Spent years begging for a baby, been now trying for 4 years and had 2 misscarriage the second been twins.
She went on to get pregnant 1st month trying .
will be out tine soon ????

12 months ago

I am sorry to read your story. Have you visited a dos to discuss your concerns? You might also find tons of useful recommendations on how to increase your chances of getting pregnant on Hope this helps x

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10 months ago

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