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PCOS - 1 positive last night, 2 negative this morning, advice needed!

Hi everyone,

I have PCOS and frequently miss periods when it comes to my cycle. This month is my first month on metformin.

I’ve been feeling sick and having really bad insomnia in the night for about a week on and off now.

I’ve taken a pregnancy test every other day, all negative. Last night I took one and it was a faint positive (see picture). Last night I also had right pelvic pain, similar to a dull ache and lower back ache that felt very similar to PMS but was also more specific in terms of where it was hurting.

Took a Clearblue digital and another of the same test from last night this morning with FMU and both are negative! I’m very confused.

I’ve never had a pregnancy test come back positive before. I’m not even sure if I’ve missed my period or when I would have ovulated if I have.

Anybody able to share their own experiences please? Particularly those of you who also have PCOS.

Can my HCG levels wax and wane if I’m really early on? If you have PCOS, have you ever had a positive followed by negatives and still been pregnant? Might it be a chemical pregnancy?

Interested to hear your experiences, thanks!

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I have PCOS. I have never been on metformin but my provider and later my RE put me on Inositol and I've gotten pregnant several times after starting it. One ended with a successful pregnancy last year and I'm pregnant now (very new, just a few days). With my losses, I had low hcg levels that didn't rise properly. Although they were not tied to my PCOS but rather a blood clotting disorder called APS. HCG doesn't wax and wane, it should rise every 48 to 72 hours in a healthy pregnancy.

I'm not sure on the test that is positive in your picture. I see the second line, but the way the dye bleed is presenting, it makes me worry it is invalid. That said, if it was positive, and your next morning ones are negative, it could be 1) false positive on this test in picture 2) your urine is more diluted in the morning causing false negatives 3) this mornings test which is the same brand as last nights is invalid and you don't have enough hcg to trigger the digital yet 3) something I haven't thought of

I wouldn't say it means you are definitely out if your tests today are negative. I would say, test again tomorrow and see what those say. Also, a blood test at the doctor could probably clear things up as well. You can just explain that you had a positive test but no way to know where you are in the cycle because of PCOS.

Good luck.

30 days ago

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