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Earliest DPO you tested positive?

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What is the earliest DPO you have tested positive?? I’m 7DPO, 8DPO tomorrow and I have been getting light cramping the last day, AF isn’t expected until the 15th. I also have a lot of creamy CM, tender/sensitive boobs, felt extremely nauseous this morning and even got a little sick and I am exhausted. Thanks!

  UPDATE   Took a test at 8 DPO because I’m insane????????‍??

Tested 9/10 DPO -

I tested again today (10/12) today is 12DPO and AF is expected in 3 days. I tested with FRER and it was

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I have tested everyday since 8DPO, even twice yesterday. My friend SWEARS she sees a faint like starting on the one test (8DPO) however, every test after has been a so I’m not sure she saw anything. My boobs are killing me, so sensitive. I am STARVING all the time and that is not like me at all. Creamy CM, almost like a pulling feeling - definitely not AF cramps, or cramps at all really. Lower back aches too. Oh and I could sleep all day if my toddler would let me.

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12dpo w a very faint line from a dollar tree test. Then I bought digital and it was positive.

7 weeks ago

Earliest was with my 7 year old, I suddenly felt sick and had sharp pains in my groin and at 8dpo BFP!

My others were all later:
1st was negative until around 2 months pregnant!
2nd was day of missed period
3rd was 6 weeks
4th was 12 dpo
5th was 8dpo (7 year old)
6th was 13 dpo and it was super super faint.

I'm currently 15dpo and afraid of another negative (tested neg at 8, 9, and 11dpo cause I couldn't wait) My cycles average 23-26 days long and ovulate early and I usually start on 12 dpo...

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7 weeks ago

AF is expected tomorrow and I have no signs of her showing. My boobs and nipples are so sensitive that wearing a bra is killing me. I update my symptoms on here everyday and today my probability increased for the first time. But all my HPT were negative. ????????‍??

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I expected period today and no sign of showing. All tests are bfn so far. Ill just keep waiting to see if good ol aunt flow shows up.

6 weeks ago

Same as me. Expected today and nothing and no signs. My probability on here increased yet again when I input my symptoms for the day. So I’m going to wait a few more days because all my tests have been too! So fingers crossed.

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AF was due 2 dash ago. No signs of her coming still and still negative tests. Waiting a few more days for her appearance and then calling dr for bloodwork.

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Happykitty- have you tried poking yourself then putting the blood on a pregnancy test? Someone who had pcos said her dr said to try it..

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6 weeks ago • Edited

I still have no period and all my tests are negative! No signs of AF either.

6 weeks ago

Hberry- I have never heard of that but I’m not opposed to trying! I called my Drs office this morning, now waiting on the lab to call to confirm when I can get bloodwork done. I just took another test and it appears negative but when inverted, looks like there is a faint line.

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