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Earliest DPO you tested positive?

What is the earliest DPO you have tested positive?? I’m 7DPO, 8DPO tomorrow and I have been getting light cramping the last day, AF isn’t expected until the 15th. I also have a lot of creamy CM, tender/sensitive boobs, felt extremely nauseous this morning and even got a little sick and I am exhausted. Thanks!

  UPDATE   Took a test at 8 DPO because I’m insane????????‍??

Tested 9/10 DPO -

I tested again today (10/12) today is 12DPO and AF is expected in 3 days. I tested with FRER and it was

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10dpo for me

18 days ago

My second pregnancy, I got a faint at 8dpo. This pregnancy, I tested at 12dpo.

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18 days ago

8dpo with 3rd baby. It was an OSOM black dye test. My hcg was 6 that day. FRER was positive the next day

18 days ago

You are the exact timeline as me! I am impatient and tested this morning. I swear I see a vvvvvvvvfl but it could also be wishful thinking. Keep me posted!!

18 days ago

With my son I tested positive at 11 dpo, didn't test before. I've tested with vvvfl at like 8-9 dpo the earliest, but none of them where viable.

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18 days ago

Thanks ladies! Trying so hard to not test too early but I may get my other half to get some tests anyways!

18 days ago • Post starter

9dpo with free (that was yesterday) 10dpo FR digital negative but clear blue digital was positive.

17 days ago

I tested 10,11,12 dpo (today) all have this shadow but this one today was most obvious. I feel like it’s just a shadow. Thoughts?

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16 days ago

Hi ladies.. I honestly don't know if I have a bfp yet or not I have been testing since 8dpo I swear in see something but maybe wishful thinking. Im definitely a stick addict. When I was pregnant with my son I could see a line At 9dpo. But honestly not sure. I sure hope this is it because I'm seriously loosing hope here. Hubby and I have been TTC for over 2 years now. Good luck all!!

Sorry for any typos (fat thumbs)!

16 days ago

I hope so Miam! I got a negative this morning. Our first month actively trying so will keep going on our journey.

16 days ago

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