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TTC July 2021 Babies

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I'm hoping those of us who are trying to conceive July 2021 babies can connect here. I'd love to hear from you.

Where are you in this TTC journey? What are you doing differently this cycle? What would be your hopeful EDD?

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Hi everyone. :) Where is everyone in their cycles? I'm 2 DPO, so officially in the TWW. I would love to hear from everyone. How are you passing time in your TWW? When do you plan on starting to test?

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41 days ago • Post starter

Im 4 dpo today. My kid's are keeping me busy with school and now I have physical therapy to help after I got hurt at work. I also have chiropractor appointments. I plan to test next weekend maybe into the week after... Not sure yet.. Af is due in a week or so.

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41 days ago

I am at 5 DPO, I have bloating and some poky sensation in the nipples now and then not constant. Not sure if they even mean anything, I don’t feel that I have a chance this month. It’s my birthday tomorrow and I am really hoping I get some signs of being pregnant. It’s just been two months of trying and I am already losing hopes of conceiving naturally.

41 days ago

CD12 for me. O expected on CD16 or so. Still waiting to get any BD's in that would count

40 days ago

Im halfway through the tww. Fingers crossed I can make it through the second half goes quickly and AF stays away!!

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39 days ago

Hey! I’m 4dpo today and although yes it’s too early I’m feeli pretty positive this time round. Cycle 3 of trying and from 2dpo I’ve felt weird. Not my usual anyway! Also ALOT of creamy cm today which isn’t normal for me after O. Fingers crossed and baby dust to you all! Keep on updating would love to see how everyone gets on! ????????

38 days ago

Hi Cheryl! I'm 7dpo today. Ive experienced heartburn especially early on-literally just right after Oday. I also experienced twinges, metallic taste in mouth, frequent peeing, increased cm, and creamy cm as well, sore boobs, nausea mildly, and exhaustion so far.

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38 days ago • Edited

Anyone test yet?!

O predicted for tomorrow. +OPK today (just as expected) so O is definitely probable tomorrow. We got one BD in 2 days ago but I'm definitely gonna make him a BIG martini and jump him tonight

37 days ago

Hi everyone !
I’m 5 DPO, first cycle trying after a natural miscarriage last month.
I plan to test on 12 DPO.
How you doing?!

32 days ago

Just got a vvfl on my 10dpo test, still cannot believe it.
it sticks and to all of you!

29 days ago

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