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Long Term TTC Thread [Supporting Each other]

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Thought it would be pretty cool to have a thread for us LTTTC'ers.

I'll introduce myself and maybe we can support each other through this journey. I've been TTC for over 2 years now and I am suffering secondary infertility. I am 35 years old. My partner is younger than me.

Our testing dates


26th: Anubhola

1st: Janeybaby
14th: MissPug

TBC Testing Dates:
- Nasake
- pcoswarriormommyegas
- Pandorica

NTNP (Not Trying, Not Preventing)
- Miss Pug

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Oh and I started "seed cycling" this month plus I did low heat castor oil packs until pos ovulation tests. If I dont become pregnant this cycle I'll continue with those. And if I do, I continue with seed cycle second phase seeds, to support pregnancy

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7 weeks ago • Edited

@MissPug, I focused more on weigh loss than TTC the past 6 months, and I lost 50 pounds. I'm hoping that makes a difference. I'm also taking Myo-Inositol, baby Aspirin, and a slew of vitamins. We're attempting the Sperm Meets Egg Plan, and starting OPKs tomorrow. I'm on CD 7.

I'm not sure exactly when I'm going to test. I plan to test at 18 DPO, no earlier. So I'll nail down the date when my OPKs are positive. It'll probably first week of November, but not sure exactly.

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7 weeks ago • Edited

Anubhola, I’ve added you to the list. Sorry to hear of the chemical. Good luck for this cycle!

Pandorica, Hello and welcome! More than welcome to join us, I’m sure we’re a friendly bunch! Sometimes breaks are necessary, TTC takes a lot out of both of you and I totally understand the need for a break. Glad to hear you’re back to TTC. I’ve also dug out my CBAFM (Clearblue advanced FM) for this cycle! I don’t really rate them but seem to now miss my surges on the LH strips. Do let me know when you think you’ll be testing and I’ll add you to the list lovely.

Nasake, Sorry I’m not sure how to do the a on my keyboard lol - it’s been one of those days today. 5 years TTC, I take my hat off to you my lovely, that’s an insane time to be TTC. Is it possible you surged but didn’t ovulate? Did you continue to take LH tests, as the final temperature shift on your BBT could indicate your body geared up to ovulate, but then geared up again and did finally ovulate. I’m glad your tests have come back good, fingers crossed for your husband’s tests. Do you know when you’ll be testing?
I’ve got no idea what seed cycling is? I’ve never heard that before. Fingers crossed.

Pcoswarriormommyegas, 50 pounds is an awesome weight loss, do you have any tips as I’d love to lose a lot of weight? I’m tempted to start aspirin but in 2015 a fertility specialist said it can hinder implantation so that put me off. Good luck lovely, do let me know when you’ll test so I can add to the list. :)

I'm CD10, although my Clearblue Advanced Fertility Monitor thinks I am CD9. I began testing today and have ordered more sticks. I got a 'low' result this morning and that was expected as I don't usually ovulate until CD14-17. I've now also ordered all the essentials we will need to do an AI this month.

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7 weeks ago • Edited • Post starter

AF came last night, so first round of clomid didn't work. I'm booked in for a scan on Wednesday and told not to take any clomid yet as they think what they thought were follicles last month might actually be cysts. If my ovaries are clear and can carry on with the clomid and they will also give me a trigger shot this month which I've never had before so that should be interested. If the trigger doesn't work I'll be moving onto IVF but would like to avoid that cost if possible!

Misspug have you been advised by your fertility doctor to try AI? I have been told in the past that I have a tilted cervix but its never occurred to me that this might be the problem! But it makes sense now I think about it!

Nasake I've never heard of seed cycling either? What does that entail?

7 weeks ago

I will be 36 in December, so no spring chicken! Af due to start in 2 days. I used progesterone cream this cycle and was kind of hoping for a miracle I guess. But no such luck. Going to try and few different vitamins this cycle, maybe even baby aspirin.


7 weeks ago

@MissPug, thanks. I've actually lost a total of 80 pounds, 50 pounds since February, and 30 before that. Intermittent fasting has been a game changer for me. I also exercise regularly using the Beachbody workouts, and I recently started calorie counting.

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7 weeks ago

Yep, I think I surged but didn't ovulate or there is a little chance I ovulated later. I'm not gonna take HPTs, not my kind of thing, only will take one when AF is more than week late and I feel unusual symptoms.

Here's more about seed cycling

And if anyone is interested, benefits of castor oil packs (I bought my own organic castor oil and piece of cloth, MUCH cheaper.)

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7 weeks ago

Janeybaby, Sorry to hear AF got you, and that Clomid did not work. I’ve heard a lot of good things about trigger shouts, really hope that works for you. I only know what I’ve researched and whilst BD is possible and apparently a tilted cervix/uterus doesn’t or rather, shouldn’t affect fertility or decrease the risk of getting pregnant - it’s something I want to try personally. Rather than finishing BD and moving into a legs up position, I’d rather be in that position for the AI so that we have minimal leakage, maximum spermage lol.

Millbarnett, have you tested, or just don’t feel pregnant? Are you on folic acid? I found my Co Enzyme Q10 and Maca Root to be really beneficial to the vitamins I already take.

Pcoswarriormommyegas, 80 pounds is even more in credible. Well done you!

Nasake, Thanks for explaining that. I did google it last night as I’d never heard of it. I don’t have pros (that I know of) but it sounds a really good thing to try. Good luck.

As for me, CD11. Another 'low' on the CBAFM and I have officially re-started taking my BBT. My sleeping pattern has somewhat normalised enough for me to try BBT'ing again. Hoping to ovulate Friday/Saturday time. Must remember to do a vlog for my youtube tonight, I promised to do one last night. The last my viewers heard I was testing on 11DPO and got 2 BFN's.

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7 weeks ago • Post starter

Millbarnett I have taken baby asprin for a few months now, not seemed to help me but my sister in law swears by it, she TTC baby #1 for a year, first time she used asprin she got pregnant and she has just got pregnant with baby #2 on the first cycle.
I also take Maca powder as well as proceive and I drink fertility tea which my other sister in law swears by. Again non of which have helped me but they can't hurt.

MissPug what is your youtube channel and I'll check you out? I'm always watching TTC videos on youtube

7 weeks ago • Edited

Hello all, how are we doing?

I have just been shopping and I have started a concoction of tablets, to help us get pregnant. My partner has also joined in on the vitamin boat. I am now taking (besides folic acid), Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Vitamin C, Zinc, Aspirin (low dosage), COEnzyme Q10, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin D.

I am CD12 today and I have a 'high' on my Clearblue Advanced Fertility Monitor. Those tests have certainly darkened, although the OPK's are still very clearly negative. I hope my peak is only a few days away.
I am continuing to chart my BBT.

Janeybaby, Shall I private message you my channel? I must admit, I still have not vlogged! I really really, really must do that tonight! I have a 'haul' I need to show my lovely subscribers about our AI cycle, plus explain why these vitamins.

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