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Long Term TTC Thread [Supporting Each other]

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Thought it would be pretty cool to have a thread for us LTTTC'ers.

I'll introduce myself and maybe we can support each other through this journey. I've been TTC for over 2 years now and I am suffering secondary infertility. I am 35 years old. My partner is younger than me.

Our testing dates


26th: Anubhola

1st: Janeybaby
14th: MissPug

TBC Testing Dates:
- Nasake
- pcoswarriormommyegas
- Pandorica

NTNP (Not Trying, Not Preventing)
- Miss Pug

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Hello ladies, just trying to catch up on everything I missed;
Pandorica that babysuit is so cute, you are very talented! Hope you get to use it for yourself soon
Nasake good luck with the HSG keep us posted, I had this years ago before I conceived my son. Take some painkillers before you go because it can cause cramps.
MissPug sorry to hear AF got you and you've been feeling so low. We all now that feeling of wanting to give up. Stay strong, your time will come Are they at home FSH tests? I've never been brave enough to try the cups, I'm too scared they are going to leak.
AFM I am currently 6dpo if I go off the strip OPKs (I never got a solid smiley on the digitals) so I am the exact same as Pcoswarriormommyegas except I'm not temping so can't offer you any advice there I'm afraid. I plan to start testing on Thursday when I will be 9dpo because I just can't wait any longer!

30 days ago • Edited

pcoswarrior - One single temp dip doesn't say much unfortunately. It could be an implantation dip, or just a regular temp drop. I've gotten a few over all the years I took my bbt. I usually got them around 5 dpo. Fingers crossed the dip means something positive for you.

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30 days ago

Pandorica, that's what I figured. It just threw me yesterday because everything I read said the temp stays up until you get your period, so when it dipped so early, I was confused. But I doubt it had anything to do with implantation. I'm 7 DPO now, and trying to keep my mind off wondering, but man those types of things can sure mess with your head.

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30 days ago

Pandorica Are you using the right size for you? There’s two ways to fold them to insert and you have to make sure you insert it deep enough. When it’s in the right position I don’t even feel that I have mine in.

Nasake, Wow! I thought I was heavy! Yeah, I take out the clots and ‘lumpy bits’ to measure mine.

Pcoswarriormommyegas, What’s your temperature done today? Has it recovered?

Janeybaby, Yeah they were at home FSH tests. I’m repeating it in a few days just to be sure! :) It’s pretty clever the way they work, it creates a vacuum seal so that when you remove you have to break that seal. I only ever leak when it’s over-flowing - quite rare as I’m always going to the loo in the first few days because of my flow.
Any symptoms Janey? Roll on Thursday, I want to see some tests! Good luck love.

As for me - Well, We've just done a sperm concentration test. I am in the process of uploading this to my youtube. I'm not sure I'd recommend it though - but it was sort of fun, not peeing on a stick and putting him under the microscope. He was super nervous.

I've had a busy day, can't wait for bed if I'm honest. If I don't upload this video tonight, I'll leave it processing during the night and upload first thing tomorrow.

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30 days ago • Post starter

I watched your video this morning MissPug, how frustrating was that test?! So hard to read! Is your other half going to have a test at a clinic/hospital instead?
How does the home FSH test work?
No symptoms really, I try my best not to symptom spot because I've convinced myself so many times and then been disappointed. Easier said than done though!

29 days ago • Edited

Janeybaby - Extremely frustrating! He's much younger than me, so I don't think we will consider doing anything else for him at the moment. There was a clip in the middle of the video where I should have time-lapsed but I couldn't be bothered to re-edit, re-process and re-upload. In the middle you hear me saying something like ''let's see how much you produced this time!...... 3ml not bad!'' I'm just glad I did time lapse the bit where he said 'my sperm are like in a washing machine!'

Definitely don't recommend these tests, that's for sure!

I know the feeling with symptom spotting, fingers crossed for you!

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29 days ago • Post starter

CD7 for me, AF is nearly over. It's nearly time to re-start BBT'ing and only a week to go until I ovulate. I get the feeling we should entirely 'give up' for this cycle but that sets off my anxiety, not knowing when AF will arrive! As it was, she was a whole day early this cycle!

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29 days ago • Post starter

MissPug - Yeah, it's the right size and I have no problem putting it in the right place. The problem is that it's causing discomfort in the end of the cup, at the bottom. It doesn't matter how much I cut off from the tip, it still hurts. That's what's bugging me. Almost all of the cups sold here have a little "endbit". But I think I may have found one that doesn't have it, but instead have like a "loop-handle". Thinking of maybe try that one and see if it works.

I'm actually also thinking about buying a sperm test for my husband. I found one that checks the mobility that isn't too expensive and are easy to use. Last time we checked his swimmers were 8 years ago when we were doing all our fertility checks and I remember he had a smaller % of motile swimmers than normal. But he had like triple the normal amount of swimmers too, so it sort of evens itself out. I just want to check that there are still enough % of motile little swimmers.

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29 days ago

Pandorica, Hmm, never seen one with a loop handle, sounds good!
Is that the sperm check suitable for a mobile phone - and you can physically see the sperm? I've looked at those but they're something like £150 and it's something we can't really justify at the moment, what with planning a wedding. We've not even managed to order the letrozole etc - that'll have to be a ''next months jobbie''.

Would be interested the link on the sperm test you've found.

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29 days ago • Post starter

I tested today 11dpo(could be 10) and it was clearly negative. I had cramping last night similar to start of AF, was very much prepared to wake up disappointed. But woke up to considerable amount of pale yellow sticky CM. I think I should prepare for fertility treatments before I try again.

29 days ago

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