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Long Term TTC Thread [Supporting Each other]

Thought it would be pretty cool to have a thread for us LTTTC'ers.

I'll introduce myself and maybe we can support each other through this journey. I've been TTC for over 2 years now and I am suffering secondary infertility. I am 35 years old. My partner is younger than me.

Our testing dates


26th: Anubhola

1st: Janeybaby
14th: MissPug

TBC Testing Dates:
- Nasake
- pcoswarriormommyegas
- Pandorica

NTNP (Not Trying, Not Preventing)
- Miss Pug

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Thanks pcoswarrior!

6-7 dpo today and I'm at that point in my cycle where I try really hard not to analyse my symtoms, but fail miserably! So far my boobs hurt, I'm bloated and gassy. Although the last two symptoms may be due to me eating broccoli yesterday. I had like a few minutes of cramps similar to my ovulation pain, but still different. I'm itching to test, but even I realise it's too early yet.

Yesterday when me and my son were out grocery shopping and came out of the store, I saw the brightest rainbow I've seen! Usually it's much lighter and not complete, but this was. I usually don't believe in signs, but I can't help but cross my fingers that this rainbow was a sign that we may finally have our rainbow baby.

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6 weeks ago

Like I guessed, my period started yesterday so woohoo! I really hoped it comes on time, and it almost did. My cycle was 37 days. Today I gave blood to check my hormones, so eagerly waiting for the results. Because my cycle came on time, I can have my procedure on 28th, hopefully everything will go smoothly and we will learn what mass I got in my uterus and do I need new operation to get rid of it, and the procedure on 28th will tell are my tube open nicely or not. My husband second semen analysis will be on 20th, so by end of this moth, we should have some answers.

Rosehill Q10 is highly recommended if you want to conceive, so I would say try it!

to all!!

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40 days ago • Edited

Thank you, Pandorica and Nasake. AF showed this morning. I'm a little surprised to be honest. My luteal phase is always 14-15 days. This was only 12. Ugh. I'll start testing for OPKs on November 9. Here we go again.

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25 days ago

Cd 13 and still only Low on my monitor. Have started to get a lot of ewcm but no ov-pain like i usually have. Well, I'm not complaining if my ovulation occurs a few days later. That means that my husband have a few days off from work and we can actually bd. It's not easy when he's working, because he as to leave for work when I come home from mine.

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23 days ago

@Janeybaby, I've been testing every day since my BFP last Wednesday and the tests aren't getting any darker. They're light, not even the same as the test line, and they were lighter in the morning on two different days. I'm using clinical guard and preg mom style tests. However, today my blood HCG was 373 up from 33 on Thursday last week... so I don't think it necessarily means anything bad if they're not changing for you.

Good luck!! I hope it all works out!

23 days ago

@Ladymae thank you! That’s good to hear! Congratulations !!!!! I’m still hopeful as I have a few symptoms and ‘feel’ pregnant but don’t know if it’s all in my head ???? I just have that nagging feeling that something isn’t right.

23 days ago • Edited

I'm jealous of you Pandorica and Misspug! In a good way ofc I hope the TWW will end with BFP's for you both!!

I was supposed to ovulate November 4-6 but no positive OPK's (almost positives for few days now) and no temp rise. Since yesterday morning I've had some pain in my right ovary and in my lower back, I'm pretty sure that for some reason my follicle didn't rupture and release it's egg and continued to grow and I have follicular cyst now. At the end of last year I had HUGE corpus luteum cyst and the pain were really similar in the beginning of it's development. So now I'm wondering should I still give my progesterone blood test or not, because I know I haven't ovulated but idk I guess my doctor wants to be sure. It's really difficult to get contact with her so idk what to do I know that the cyst should dissolve on it's own in some time, so I probably just need to wait it out. But if my pain gets more severe I'll try to get a hold of my doctor on Monday.

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18 days ago

I haven't had usual CM what I have around my ovulation. My chart is pretty stable being around 36.5 and lower. I haven't tried any medication because my infertility doctor 3 years ago said that because everything is perfect, she will not prescribe me anything and to try on our own. Now my new doctor don't want to describe me anything for same reason, because I'm ovulating as she said, medication would rise risk of multiples and she don't want it. But she wanted to make end decision based on my proge results I think. Or she just offered to do proge test because I was so sad lol idk :D As for symptoms I can feel the pain around my ovary and same side lower back, especially when I'm moving around or laying on the side. Last year it was same, but the morning I went to ER pain got so bad I couldn't breathe. You could have one without any symptoms, but they are usually harmless and dissolve on their own.

I got my miscarriage badge next day after nominating (seems such a wrong word for it eeek) myself for it.

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18 days ago

MissPug - I have a 2, but are dreaming about a 4. Would love to have bluetooth. Me and my husband are actually thinking about buying a 3D printer for ourselves this christmas. I already have plans as to what I will print! Which cameo do you have?

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17 days ago

Hi ladies, I'm doing ok, its been rough though. That was the closest we've got in the whole 2.5 years of trying so it was hard to take. I spoke to the fertility clinic and they told me not to use clomid this cycle as my bleeding isn't a real period so I feel like this is a wasted month. We're still going to try naturally though because I suppose you just never know.

15 days ago

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