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Long Term TTC Thread [Supporting Each other]

Thought it would be pretty cool to have a thread for us LTTTC'ers.

I'll introduce myself and maybe we can support each other through this journey. I've been TTC for over 2 years now and I am suffering secondary infertility. I am 35 years old. My partner is younger than me.

Our testing dates


26th: Anubhola

1st: Janeybaby
14th: MissPug

TBC Testing Dates:
- Nasake
- pcoswarriormommyegas
- Pandorica

NTNP (Not Trying, Not Preventing)
- Miss Pug

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I'm in a similar boat, I am 35 been TTC for 2.5 years for baby #2. been given clomid this month but looks as though it hasn't worked....

8 weeks ago

TTC #2 for 28 months.


8 weeks ago

I'm 31, been TTC #3 for over 2 years.

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8 weeks ago

Hi Naske, No I have been prescribed it I just take it following a recommendation from others going through the TTC journey. It is a blood thinner so the theory it is it increases blood flow to the pelvic area providing more oxygen and nutrients. Its also meant to reduce the risk of early miscarriage. But you must only take a small dose (75mg) as it can irritate your stomach and cause ulcers in large doses over a prolonged period of time x

6 weeks ago

Sending baby vibes to all! Last time I got pregnant the only thing I tried was Q10 supplements. Only took them for a short period of time as I have thyroid issues and it’s not recommended. Promising studies on Q10 and rejuvenating aging eggs. We have been TTC for a few years now. Haven’t tried the Q10 again but wondering if I should try it again.


41 days ago

Guys, positive OPK today!

Can't wait to be in my TWW. My period is due November 2nd. If my period doesn't come, I'll begin testing on November 6th. I'm notorious for getting negatives until after my period is due even when pregnant, so I don't test early. In fact, with my daughter who is now 7, I didn't get a positive HPT until 6 weeks! And the blood test and ultrasound confirmed that I was indeed 6 weeks pregnant.

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38 days ago • Edited

Näsake - I'm one of those women who got pregnant after the HSG. I got pregnant with my son the same cycle I had it done Had the HSG around cd 9-10 and got a bfp that same cycle at 11 dpo. And my tubes were looking good, they couldn't find any blockage or anything else. Fingers crossed it's gonna be the same for you!

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33 days ago

I've read research that you're more likely to conceive for up to three cycles after HSG. They aren't positive on why (when the test has shown no blockages), but they think it could be the added lubrication left in the body.

33 days ago

@Pandorica that's so cool that you conceived right after HSG and gives me hope!

@MissPug I use cup and first 2 days it's usually over 100ml a day (24hrs), then it get's better but still it's a LOT. I'm having super hard time to manage my iron levels because of that. But if you want to conceive they don't have any "solution" for it anyway. I read that you actually take pretty big % of it off, because it's not all pure blood. Few studies have found that around 36% of it is blood and 64% other elements: tissue, uterine lining, mucus and blood clots. So 120ml is considered normal actually, ofc if it's not the measurement where you already did the math.

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31 days ago • Edited

I'm trying really hard not to get my hopes up. But my temp dipped today, at 6 DPO, and apparently that sometimes happens when implantation is occurring, according to my research when that happened. But this is my first month temping, so I don't know enough about my patterns yet. Then, I noticed acne on my chin. I have a clear complexion, never get acne. Except for when I'm pregnant. Course, I think it's too early for that to be because of pregnancy, but it's definitely messing with my mind!

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31 days ago

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