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Long Term TTC Thread [Supporting Each other]

Thought it would be pretty cool to have a thread for us LTTTC'ers.

I'll introduce myself and maybe we can support each other through this journey. I've been TTC for over 2 years now and I am suffering secondary infertility. I am 35 years old. My partner is younger than me.

Our BFP's / Success Stories

- Anubhola 29th January 2021
(AF due 1st February). [Missed Miscarriage]
Twin pregnancy loss @ 10 weeks.
''I do not BBT, I am on pregnancy supplements (Elevit) with extra dose of vitamin D, iron and folic acid since 7 months. Have eaten ample broccoli to help maintain progesterone level naturally. My symptoms were just severe heart burn, nausea and increased appetite. Started having sore breasts only after BFP. We have been TTC since September 2020. I started my prenatals from June 2020.''

- Miss Pug 3rd February 2021 -------- 20th February 2020. [Missed Miscarriage].
AF due 4th February. BFP at 11DPO. I gave up BBT'ing this cycle as my sleeping pattern was erratic. I continued to use 'my secret ingredient' and true enough, 3rd month in a row - I fell pregnant. Hoping for a sticky bean, or given the progression bean(s). I woke up on 11DPO to a 'wet' feeling, I thought AF had come early, only I had watery CM. Something I usually never see during any part of my cycle. I've been TTC for 29 LONG months, I had miscarriages in December 2020 and January 2020. Praying for a sticky bean.

- Janeybaby June 2021
''After TTC with no success for over 3 years we decided to give IVF a shot with my parents financial help. I was so sure it wasn't going to work especially after they told me my AMH was low (4.9) but my body responded to the drugs better than expected. 6 eggs were collected and 3 fertilised. Unfortunately by day 3 only one embryo was looking good so they asked me to come in that day for a transfer. I got my first positive one week later on 3rd June, it was very faint so I thought it could still be from my trigger shot. Tested again the next day and it was darker, it has continued to get darker each day since! I still don't believe this is happening!!!''

Pcoswarriormommyegas July 2021
''I honestly think it was a combination of factors--our second round of Clomid, the HSG, home insemination, preseed--that did the trick. My first appointment is July 19th. I'm really hoping they'll tell us it's twins, but more importantly, I want these babies to be healthy. I'm constantly vascillating from excited to nervous.''

MissPug 23rd November 2021 ------- 30th December 2021 (ECTOPIC) baby_angel:

I am in total disbelief, I’m so happy, excited yet so petrified. I’ve got my betas coming soon and already got my first scan booked at the EPU for the 14th of December.
UPDATE: Unfortunately the pregnancy and betas did not progress as expected. I knew very early on something wasn't right and eventually we got given the ectopic pregnancy diagnosis. I agreed to medical management on the 30th of December 2021, when the majority of the world celebrated the festive holidays, we had to make the god awful decision to end the pregnancy, by the use of a chemotherapy drug. Our TTC journey is now on hold for 3 months whilst my folate levels return to normal.

Miscarried Angels:
- Miss Pug - 11th December 2020 -- Miscarried 13th December 2020. Baby Luca
- Miss Pug - 5th January 2021 - Miscarried 8th January 2021
- Miss Pug - 20th February 2021 - Missed Miscarriage
- Miss Pug - 23rd November 2021 - Ectopic

Pregnant, Due in 2023.

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I'm in a similar boat, I am 35 been TTC for 2.5 years for baby #2. been given clomid this month but looks as though it hasn't worked....

2 years ago

TTC #2 for 28 months.


2 years ago

I'm 31, been TTC #3 for over 2 years.

2 years ago

Janeybaby, Hello! I've tried Soya Isoflavones myself (natural alternative to Clomid, no prescription required) without success. I've heard a lot of good things about Letrozole (Femara) and I hope to be trying that soon. Any update on your journey?

Millbarnett, Hello again! I'm only a little distance behind you. Where are you in your cycle? How old are you?

pcoswarriormommyegas, Hello! We're about the same in terms of how long we've been TTC. Is there anything you've tried, or anything you plan to try?

I'm CD10, waiting to ovulate within 5-6 days and hoping to do a letrozole cycle next month. We're hoping to AI at home this cycle. I have a retroverted cervix so we're hoping that by getting me into position first before insemination, that the majority stay in, it may give us a better chance. We're just so ready for a baby - we will literally try anything.

If you want to add your testing dates - I'll edit the first thread and we can all be cycle buddies? to all!

Pregnant, Due in 2023.

2 years ago • Post starter

I am 32, TTC since September, I am on CD5

2 years ago • Edited

Do you know when you’ll be testing anybhola?

Pregnant, Due in 2023.

2 years ago • Post starter

Good luck everyone!

Pregnant, Due in 2023.

2 years ago • Post starter

Hi misspug, Should be testing around 28th. I seem to have had a chemical pregnancy last month, so very nervous this time.

2 years ago

Hi, hope I can join you ladies in here. Started TTC #2 january 2017, but last year decided to take a break from it all for a few reasons. Now we're back TTC again. I'm 32 and my husband is 35. We have a 7 year old son who took us 17 months to conceive. Using my clearblue fertilitymonitor this month, cd 15 and still haven't gotten my peak. So not sure when my test date is yet.

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2 years ago

Hello. We've been trying almost for five years if we start counting from our first pregnancy and miscarriage. More info about our story ob my profile. This month I used fertility friend lube and lily cup for and hour or two after sex, did this three days. BUT my BBT didn't rise for three days after super pos lh test and all ovulation symptoms, so maybe my ovulation didn't occurred. Now I've had slightly risen temp for two days, BUT it can be because we turned on heat. And if ov was later, timing isn't best, husband gives sperm tests tomorrow so no BD. Few weeks ago I had some tests done to see if there is any reason for my miscarriages, all test results we're perfectly good. We have more tests and procedures this month, my period just needs to come on time or no more than week later. I have appointment scheduled for 28 October to check what mass is in my uterus (formed after last miscarriage what was june 12) and to see are my tubes open.

to all!

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2 years ago

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