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Nausea/vomiting at 5 and 7 dpo??

Has anyone else experienced nausea and vomiting this early? I had hyperemesis with a previous pregnancy but even it didn't start this early. I'm not sick -no fever or other symptoms- just severe nausea (worst in mornings) with vomiting on 5 dpo and now 7 dpo. Ovulation was verified with LH tests, no temping though. Isn't it too early for this? I've also got regular PMS-but could be PG- symptoms, tender and full breasts, fatigue, gas.

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I’ve never had HG, but with my third baby I was getting slightly nauseous at 4 weeks (no nausea—just crazy heartburn—with my daughters). So maybe it could be a sign for you, but I’m also not a medical expert. It’s totally fine to hope it’s a sign though Fx for when you test—I’d say try to wait until at least 9 dpo keep us updated

38 days ago

It's really strange, I've never actually vomited in the TWW, and only in the mornings! I thought it was food related but it's a day apart now and still only in the mornings. Thank you for your positivity! I hope it is a sign and will just try to wait now to test (maybe the hardest part lol).

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38 days ago • Post starter

Hello from a fellow HG survivor! With my last pregnancy the HG started at 5 weeks. If you're particularly sensitive to HCG, then HG could happen as soon as your levels go over 5, which is the normal not pregnant range, which is around a day after implantation!

At 5 dpo and 7 dpo you would not have implanted yet, therefore you wouldn't have more HCG in your system. So any symptoms you're experiencing are probably coincidental and not pregnancy related. You seem confident in your O date. If you weren't then I would say, maybe you're further along and then it would change things.

Sometimes PMS can cause nausea, which stinks if you're trying to symptom spot!

37 days ago • Edited

I've had a VFP today 9 dpo (10 dpo at the most)! Still nauseous along with other symptoms. Praying this is a sticky bean

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34 days ago • Post starter

Congrats! Your tests look good! So actually you can implant as early as 6dpo (my hcg was 6/positive OSOM HPT at 8dpo with my 3rd) so there’s really no way of saying yes or no the nausea wasn’t a sign for you. It’s not common to get nausea super duper early, but sometimes our bodies just have a feeling. Not the same for everyone. So nausea as a sign or not—Congrats

33 days ago

Tha nausea has continued, so I do think it was a sign! I wonder if its the progesterone in part that causes my nausea in pregnancy, as I do sometimes get nauseous in the TWW when not pregnant, though never to the extent of vomiting like now.
Thank you! Just praying for sticky babe now

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33 days ago • Post starter

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