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What were your symptoms when you were pregnant with a boy or a girl?

Do you believe in old wives tales.

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I was definitely more swollen/gained more weight with my girls. Puffier face.


7 weeks ago

Boy threw up twice and no sysmptoms other than heart burn my whole pregnancy, girl sick my 1st and 2nd trimester and heart burn the rest of my pregnancy and gained lots of weight

6 weeks ago

Headaches - boy, nausea - girl. That's for me at least! And I'm having a bunch of nausea this time, so we'll see! Too early to tell yet, but i'm hoping for a girl

6 weeks ago

Baby #1- girl: no morning sickness, craved a lot of sweets
Baby #2- boy: no morning sickness, didn't crave a lot of sweets but ate quite a bit of pickles
Baby #3- N/A: craving sweets, not a lot of pickles, felt under the weather

Please note that every pregnancy is different regardless of the gender. I believe in some old wives tales.

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6 weeks ago

Baby boy, extreme morning sickness for first almost 4 months. Craved lots of spicy (not usually a spicy eater)

6 weeks ago

I was throwing up with all three of my boys till around six months along plus I was a royal bit*h. With all three

6 weeks ago

1- wasn't sick until 4 months along; craving chocolates- BOY
2- sick for first 4 months - craving chocolates- BOY
3- no sickness- craving ice cream - GIRL
4- no sickness - craving chocolates - BOY

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6 weeks ago

Baby 1: morning sickness and vomiting all day long. Craved a lot of sweets. Girl
Baby 2: less morning sickness and vomiting. Stopped around week 11. Craving less sweets. Craving salty/sour foods. I have been bleeding on/off my whole 1. trimester. Boy

40 days ago

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