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How long to conceive second baby?

Hi all as the question says how long to conceive second? I am now in my 5th cycle albeit only a short time it is still frustrating. I had a C section with my first.

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Everyone is different. Could be lots of things but with my second, it didn't take much. Once your have first, you are more fertile. I'm ttc my 5th and it's been a struggle.

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11 days ago

My second took 18 cycles, with no fertility issues (blood and scans came up perfect). Sometimes it just takes a bit. No matter how perfectly u time everything, u can't make the egg fertilize, and u can't make it implant.

Don't get discouraged, it'll happen, and it'll be worth every tear!
Best of luck! =))

11 days ago

Aw thanks guys for the encouragement! 18 cycles and I'm sure it was all worth it but I am sure not an easy road! Well done you for staying strong and positive!

11 days ago • Post starter

With my 2nd it took 2 cycles of actively TTC, had my Mirena removed 6 months prior but wasn’t really trying. With my 3rd it was a complete surprise, missed my pill for 3 days and BOOM!!! TTC #4 now and am on Cycle 4 so far, so you really never know. Stay strong, best of luck and to you Mama.

11 days ago

Actively trying for #2 for 2 years. No bfp at all through the whole time


11 days ago

Thanks alot! It's good to have a general idea!

11 days ago • Post starter

I’m on cycle #22 trying to conceive our took 9cycles for our first who’s now 3 ...god knows why it is taking so long

9 days ago

@Amystone87 that's so frustrating for you. Have you been for any preliminary tests? Sometimes they can even put your mind at ease even if everything perfectly fine. I have just realised there is so many people trying for a very long time and then it just happens so hopefully you will get your good news so soon!

9 days ago • Post starter

It took 8 months for our first, our second was conceived on first attempt on my second cycle postpartum (cycles didn’t resume until 10 months after the birth). And we’ve been TTC 2 years for #3 with all tests coming back normal (I’m finally 10 weeks pregnant but had 2 MCs last year so I probably won’t fully trust it is happening until I’m further along and all screening tests come back with good news). All that to say there is no way to predict how long it will take. Hope you don’t have much longer to wait though!

8 days ago

Hey @camoro yes I r been for blood work...all came back fine, dp just needs to do his bit now but it sort of all came to a holt with COVID. We have personally had a rather stressful year and have I have felt a little more zen this month so we will see

8 days ago • Edited

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