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First ultrasound

had my first ultrasound today. Based on lmp I'm 6 w 3 d
Based on ovulation I'm between 5 w 4 d and 6 w 1 d
Bean measured 6 w 1 d heart rate 113
My dr spent all of 5 minutes looking, split between, baby, ovaries, and heartbeat.
I cannot figure out what this thing is at the top (where the finger is pointing)
Any advice, suggestions, etc.
Messaged Dr and am waiting...

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Do you mean the line?,if so it looks like the umbilical cord.

12 days ago

It couldn't be the umbilical cord, that wouldn't be formed enough to see on a scan yet. Not sure what it is, but I wouldn't worry about it if the doctor didn't!

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10 days ago

It’s probably the edge of the yolk sack and you’re just barely getting a glimpse of it from that angle. I noticed as my dr moved it it would go in and out of view as he tried to get the best view of baby

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8 days ago

The cord forms during the fifth week of gestation and can be seen on a scan.

5 days ago

The dr said it wasn't the cord.
Had another ultrasound today, there is a membrane going from one side to the other side separating the gestational sac in half...

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5 days ago • Post starter

@sarah that's true, but the cord would still be pretty short, not long enough to float away from baby.

@Mama that looks like a pretty normal ultrasound to me - at this stage the gestational sac wouldn't necessarily fill the uterine cavity, so I think what you're seeing divide the uterine cavity is the sac itself!

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4 days ago

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