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Stick, Rainbow Bean! (pregnancy mentioned)

So, having 5 miscarriages total (3 since TTC #3), I've been super nervous about everything! Every cramp, every day I don't experience many symptoms.... I'm a nervous wreck, despite the doctor being happy with the rising hcg levels:
HCG 7/18/20: 20mIU
HCG 7/20/20: 58mIU
HCG 7/22/20: 122mIU
HCG 7/28/20: 1529mIU
It's still so hard to be completely excited yet, because I'm so scared. My 1st ultrasound should be next week sometime, they will schedule it when I have my first OB appt Aug 3rd. Hopefully it'll be for that day! My levels should be high enough to detect a heartbeat by then. I'm bracing myself for another blighted ovum, for another loss, for another heartbreaking moment saying I'm going to miscarry again....
My only main symptom is super tired, and my tender breasts from last week are now SUPER sore to the touch. I am now 5 weeks and 1 day, I was expecting morning sickness to start, but not nauseous, really, at all. I was with my boys by now. I've been cramping quite badly this morning and I keep checking for bleeding. I have no appetite, though, as hardly nothing sounds good to eat food-wise, even though I feel hungry. Other than that, the super sore breasts are what I'm clinging to for hope that this baby is going to stick in there and be my rainbow PLEASE stick in there this time little rainbow peanut

  UPDATE   8/1/20 hcg levels: 6507mIU

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Hi Crystal. Just wanted to say congrats and praying for your little bean to stick. I was in the same situation as you when I was 5 weeks. I had minor cramping a lot and I thought the same thing would happen to me as well so I had to keep reminding myself that it is just the uterus expanding as I carried two other babies to term. I also had a lack of appetite and still do for the majority of it. I still worry even though I had two good ultrasounds and allis going well. I know it's easier said than done, but try not to worry and hope for the best. You are more than welcome to join my discussion group. It's pretty much open for everyone as we as ladies are in this together.

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