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Complete dye stealer frer .... twins?

Looking for some twin moms who can tell me their experiences !!

I have had 7 pregnancies (1st two miscarriages and 4 living) this is my now 8th pregnancy. I have never not once gotten a complete dye stealer test and I am 19 dpo. I have always tested until 21 dpo.

I had a hunch ovulation day that I was going to get pregnant and it was my only chance of twins just like a voice in my head. No twins in family no fertility treatments all natural. I actually had trouble conceiving all my children this is the first time it happened on the first try and only one time of BD.

Wondering if I have a higher chance of it being twins at all? I’m happy either way I just am reading too much into it lol.
Levels at 15 dpo were 354 progesterone 24.5.

Would love to hear your stories !

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Well, my 14dpo hcg levels were only 122 so that seems high to me LOL (but I'm nervous mine is on the low side). I've had 5 miscarriages (my first two pregnancies were miscarriages and have had 3 since TTC #3).... So my low numbers are worrisome to me. I go for another blood draw tomorrow. My progesterone was 12.7, though, at 14dpo, so again yours is much higher than mine! How wonderful it would be if you had twins

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16 days ago

Keep me posted girl! Fingers crossed for you! I actually thought my progesterone was low because my other pregnancies mostly were in the 30s! Lol

16 days ago • Post starter

My levels at 22 dpo are 9049
In one week they went from 354 to 9049. I’m not counting on it but I def think it’s a possibility of twins. My levels have NEVER in any of my pregnancies (miscarriages or living) gone up that fast in a week.

12 days ago • Post starter

Keep us posted Princess! At 21 dpo my levels were 5470 and at 23 were 10208... I thought it was pretty high...But I didn’t do any test after 11 dpo... so I don’t know about the dye stealer!? when will be your first ultrasound?? I am curious about the possibility of twins!! I feel so nauseous it is not fun at all.... but as long as the baby grows healthy, it’s fine!!

12 days ago

8/14 :( not soon enough lol! My nausea also kicked in I hear you! Preggie pops and b6 are helping me.

11 days ago • Post starter

It is completely possible ive had twins and instead of doubling ur number tripple so definitely possible n ur number r on the high side congrats cant wait for u to c ur baby or babies

5 days ago • Edited

Will keep you posted ! One more week :)

5 days ago • Post starter

I can't wait for you to find out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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1 day ago

2.5 days !!

1 day ago • Post starter

I've had a completely dye stealer too.

1 day ago

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