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Should I go to Urgent Care for this?

Hello everyone!

I have kind of an odd question and I’m at a loss. I am currently experiencing a very very long cycle- 116 days without a period. I normally have one every 35-45 days so this is way beyond abnormal for me. I have an appointment with my GP, but they are not able to see me until August 17th which is over a month and a half away. Should I go to Urgent Care for this or would that be silly? I’m not pregnant that I know of (dozens of tests down the drain- took last one a few weeks ago) and I’m not really experiencing any pain. Just the occasional cramps and usual bloating for the last month or so.

Would I be justified going in since I’m genuinely scared with what is going on with my body?

Thank you for any input on this! I’m a nervous nelly.

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I would suggest seeing a dr earlier. Actually a specialist more than a gp, since you probably will need to have blood test plus a scan....

6 days ago

@Bbmm2019 I unfortunately am unable to see anyone sooner. I have just recently moved to a smaller town and the closest GYN that takes my insurance is over two hours away. But I have called my GP and requested to be notified of any cancellation openings. So fingers crossed.. I would hope they would be able to at least do some blood work for me. But now I’m really debating going to the walk in urgent care.

6 days ago • Post starter

Can you call your gp and ask them to coordinate an appointment with another gp in your area?

5 days ago

@bbmm2019 Unfortunately they are the only ones who accept my insurance. It’s a lose lose situation or I already would have. Thus my question for UC.

4 days ago • Post starter

Prayer keep us updated love

????????Livesmilelovemebaby84 ????

4 days ago

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