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So, onto the TWW I’m currently 4dpo I THINK. I didn’t have a period last month I spotted for 4 days, then a week later spotted again for a day then a week after that I spotted again, I took bbt but didn’t get crosshairs, I bd when the app said I was ovulating but opks never confirmed it so I waited a week and then two days before my next period was due I got opks that said positive, I had pulling pains and so decided to bd just in case I was so happy with the positive opks because I read they could pick up hcg but nah it was definitely ovulation.

So...I’m 4dpo I’ve had heavy full breasts, some pulling and creamy discharge.
My cervix is high soft and tightly closed.

I’m hoping this month is the month because if not I haven’t a clue where my period went. This would have been my second after it returning after the depo. The first came as normal, lasted as normal and I thought the second would do the same but it’s awol.

If I’m not pregnant then I’m going to wait until I’ve had at least three back to back normal periods before trying again just so I can be sure everything is working as it should be in there.

I’m 38 I feel like I need to get pregnant this Year because next February I’ll be 39 and I don’t know if I’ll be confident enough to go through with a pregnancy.

I’ll keep updating this as the tww happens hopefully it ends with a BFP.

6dpo: have some twinges and pulling, cervical mucus has went from creamy to snotty looking but feel really wet still. Tested today even though I knew it was pointless was obviously bfn. Still high soft and closed too. I really hope this is it.

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Good luck!!

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6 months ago

Thank you.

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